Can You Get Salmonella From Kissing A Bearded Dragon? (The Risks!)

Can You Get Salmonella From Kissing A Bearded Dragon

Can you get salmonella from kissing a bearded dragon? Yes, even when a bearded dragon looks healthy and clean, they can carry salmonella germs. Thus if you kiss your beardie you can get salmonella. In fact the CDC reported back in November 24, 2020 that an outbreak of salmonella infections was liked to bearded dragons.[1]. … Read more

What Does Stuck Shed Look Like On A Bearded Dragon?


Stuck sheds, also known as reverse molting, are caused when a bearded dragon doesn’t have enough calcium or vitamin D3. This can happen if they aren’t eating enough greens, bugs, and other foods that contain these essential nutrients. Truthfully, it’s no big deal if your bearded dragon gets stuck sheds from time to time. In … Read more

How To Tell If Your Bearded Dragon Is Dead


Bearded dragons are fairly hardy pets that can handle a lot of neglect. However, like all animals, bearded dragons can perish if you don’t take care of them. It’s not easy to tell if a bearded dragon is dead or just sleeping, so you shouldn’t panic if you suspect something might be amiss with your … Read more

How To Clean Bearded Dragon Poop? (Do this!)


Bearded dragons are a joy to have as a pet, but with that said, they can also be a little bit stinky. With time, your bearded dragon will start pooping and having their poop or fecal matter piled in one spot can make it smell rather foul. So how to clean bearded dragon poop? You … Read more

Why Is My Bearded Dragons Poop Green? (The Answer Might Surprise You)


A beardie may poop regularly and it’s usually brownish in color if they are eating a healthy diet. I t’s no surprise for you to wonder “why is my bearded dragons poop green?” when you stumble upon a greenish looking poop. A bearded dragon’s poop can be green for a number of reasons.   Green … Read more

Are Bearded Dragons Related To Dinosaurs? (Not What You Think!)


Given the appearance of bearded dragons, it’s easy to assume that they are descendants of dinosaurs. So, are bearded dragons related to dinosaurs? No, bearded dragons are not descendants of dinosaurs. They are lizards. We tell you more below.   What is a bearded dragon related to? Bearded dragons are lizards of the genus Pogona … Read more

How To Treat Blood Mites In Bearded Dragons (Do This)

How to treat blood mites in bearded dragons

Like any other pets, bearded dragons are prone to health challenges including mites. Those instances can be stressful and knowing what to do in such a case to treat blood mites in beardies is important.   What are blood mites in bearded dragons? A blood mite is a blood-sucking parasite. They are most commonly found … Read more

How Much Are Bearded Dragons? Price Guide


The price of a bearded dragon is dependent on both its morph and where you get it from. Realistically speaking, a beardie can cost anywhere from $35 to $100. That’s for the pet itself, assuming that you already have the habitat and all the accessories to bring it home. Should you add those elements, your … Read more

Hypo Zero Bearded Dragon: We Tell you all About This White Beardie


The bearded dragons hypo zero are bearded dragons which have a very visible particularity: they indeed sport a very recognizable white color.  We zoom on this breed of beardies in this article.   Bearded dragon hypo zero: a history of genes In fact, the beardie hypo zero is not strictly speaking a race but a classification of white … Read more

How to Tell The Gender of a Bearded Dragon?


The bearded dragon today attracts the attention of many people who are passionate about reptiles.  Like several other species of the animal kingdom, there are males and females of the bearded dragon.  These are not easy to distinguish. You will find here some tips on how to tell them apart.   How to identify a … Read more