How Many Watts Does A Bearded Dragon Need For A 40 Gallon Tank?


Keeping a bearded dragon as a pet requires specialized lighting, heaters, filters and other equipment to meet its needs. Although adult bearded dragons may be able to adapt to slightly different conditions than they would find in the wild, it is important to provide them with an environment that mimics their natural habitat as closely … Read more

What Temperature Does a Bearded Dragon Need?


Bearded dragons are reptiles. Most reptiles are cold-blooded, and since bearded dragons are reptiles, they need enough heat to live and thrive. Bearded dragons may suffer from weight loss, tiredness, and appetite loss should there be inadequate temperature. Bearded dragons are native to Central Australia’s arid, semi-desert regions, where the temperature soars beyond 110 degrees … Read more

What Animals Can Live With A Bearded Dragon?


Bearded dragons are usually natural solitary animals who maintain and guard their territories—as such, keeping them together with other animals within the same environment can always prove disastrous. Since, this may often prompt unnecessary fights, facilitate the spread of diseases, and even deterioration of the terrarium hygiene, among other implications.   Nonetheless, keeping these animals … Read more

What Should You Not Put In a Bearded Dragon Tank?


Bearded dragons, just like other animals, often require specific habitat conditions for healthy living and thriving. As such, being cold-blooded animals, they usually require a unique atmosphere that would ideally simulate their desert-like natural habitats for optimal survival chances in a vivarium setting. Therefore, just like other animals, they would require the appropriate space size, … Read more

Where Are Bearded Dragons From?


Bearded dragons are beautiful reptiles that come from Australia. They are found across Australia, mainly in arid and semi-arid areas. Bearded dragons are reptiles, and their diet is omnivore since they can feed in plants, insects, and many more. When you take good care of bearded dragons, they can live for up to 10 years … Read more

Can you put 2 bearded dragons in the same tank?

Can you put 2 bearded dragons in the same tank

The bearded dragon adapts very well to a solitary life. It does not need a companion to walk in the sand, to find food or to expose its scales in the light of day. However, if you don’t want to leave your pet alone, you can bring another beardie to its terrarium , but not … Read more