Bearded Dragon or Gecko Which is Better?


Reptiles are becoming more and more popular as pets. Docile and easy to raise, they are original ways to have other forms of life at home.  However, it can be difficult to choose between a bearded dragon and a leopard gecko, two relatively easy-to-care-for reptiles.  It’s therefore not unsual for people to ask Bearded Dragon … Read more

How Can I Help My Constipated Bearded Dragon?


The bearded dragon is one of the easiest reptiles to maintain in captivity. However, like all other animals, it happens to suffer from various health disorders. Constipation is one of them.  Fortunately, there are effective treatments to successfully cure your beardie.   Constipation in the bearded dragon: the symptoms   Constipation is a problem that can manifest itself in … Read more

Sick Bearded Dragon Signs: How To Treat Your Bearded Dragon


The bearded dragon is a relatively fragile reptile which can have more or less serious diseases.  Discover in this article what beardies’ common diseases are and how to react if yours is sick.  Remember, however, that this article does not replace a consultation with a veterinarian. It is only intended to expose common diseases and … Read more

Is Calcium Sand Safe For Bearded Dragon?


Caring for a bearded dragon within the confines of a vivarium often entails optimizing a variety of conditions to simulate a natural habitat closely. This often includes finding the right bedding/substrate that would be safe for your beardie to thrive. Among the common substrates is calcium sand which has been associated with several benefits and … Read more

How To Tell If A Bearded Dragon Is Dehydrated?


Living things need water to survive, and thus lack of enough within the body could result in devastating implications. Therefore, despite bearded dragons’ original desert-like habitats, they often need proper hydration to healthily survive, whether in open space or captivity. This is because, severe dehydration could kill your beardie much faster than other pets prompting … Read more

What Do I Do With Bearded Dragon Eggs?


Bearded dragons Are becoming one of the most adorable pet-reptile in contemporary society. These beautiful reptiles Are currently kept by both experienced and beginner pet enthusiasts. However, regardless of How many bearded friends you have in your home, if one of them is female, she will lay eggs, and you will one day discover Eggs … Read more

How Long can Bearded Dragons Live?

how long can bearded dragons live

  Bearded dragons are known to have a lifespan of between 10 and 15 years, but they can live much longer than this with the proper care and conditions. Keep them in a way that mimics their wild habitats as much as possible. Indeed, this is one of the ways that to ensure that they … Read more

Are Bearded Dragons Easy To Take Care Of?

are bearded dragons easy to take care of

Yes, bearded dragons are easy to maintain.   Size Beardies don’t get large as they seldom grow beyond 2 feet long. This is a nice size for these pets. Young beardies will need a sizable enclosure of at least 3-4 feet long and 12 inches wide. An adult dragon would require a habitat of a … Read more