Why Is My Bearded Dragons Poop Green? (The Answer Might Surprise You)


A beardie may poop regularly and it’s usually brownish in color if they are eating a healthy diet. I

t’s no surprise for you to wonder “why is my bearded dragons poop green?” when you stumble upon a greenish looking poop.

A bearded dragon’s poop can be green for a number of reasons.


Green bearded dragon poop

The most common reason for green poop is the presence of plant matter in the diet. This is generally harmless and will pass through their system with time.

There is nothing for you to worry about if your bearded dragon is acting normally. This means it has a good appetite, is not restless and does not display other signs of being sick.


What to do if you notice green poop

If the green poop in your beardie persists, the cause may be a food allergy or intolerance, which can lead to gastrointestinal distress and other symptoms.

Furthermore, if the green poop is runny or watery then it’s a sure sign that the lizard may have contracted a bacterial infection such as Salmonella.


This is a common illness in reptiles. Avoid touching too much your pet and wash your hands thoroughly, especially if you handled anything inside its terrarium.

Make a call to a vet who may examine your pet’s fecal sample and provide the appropriate treatment in case of an infection.


In Summary

Although green poop in bearded dragons may look scary at first, it’s not uncommon if they are mostly eating green leaves and vegetables.

If the greenish color persists and your pet appears sick then talk to a vet as soon as possible for help.

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