About Us

Hey Welcome to BeardieZilla!

My name is Brad and I run beardiezilla.com. I share with you a little bit about myself and why I came to create this blog.

So many questions, what answers have I seen on different forums!

Sometimes inappropriate and even absurd responses.

The question arose: how to respond as best and as precisely as possible to these questions?

The answer seemed obvious to me, quite simply based on my own personal experience that I have had with my beardie (Irone).

I obviously do not claim to have infused science, or even to be the best “breeder”, far from it.

The only goal of my site is quite simply to be able to help you. To help you by the means of my experiment, of the relation which I maintain with my bearded dragon as well as some of my knowledge about beardies.

You will find on this site, various sections about what bearded dragons eat, they habitat, their behavior and much more.

All my statements will be supported by explanations and cited sources, which I hope will be clear and precise.

I hope that you will find answers to some of your most pressing questions at BeardieZilla.com.

If this is your first visit, I suggest you start with my comprehensive beginners guide to caring for your beardie.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the blog!