Do Bearded Dragons Like To Cuddle? (You Bet!)

Do Bearded Dragons Like To Cuddle

Just like people, bearded dragons enjoy cuddling. They also have thermoregulatory skin and need to stay warm. So cuddling provides these reptiles with both of these needs. When you keep your bearded dragon in an environment that’s at least 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit, cuddling is the best way to ensure it stays warm and keeps its … Read more

What Does A Dying Bearded Dragon Look Like?


Keeping a pet bearded dragon is a wonderful experience for anyone, but this doesn’t come without its fair share of responsibility. Owning any animal means that you’ll be responsible for their well-being and care on a daily basis, so it’s important that you are ready from the word go. Keeping your pet happy and healthy … Read more

Bearded Dragon Hissing: 7 Strategies To Deal With It


Your bearded dragon hisses, arches its neck, and looks angry. You’re afraid to move or talk in case it hisses at you again. But what does it mean when your bearded dragon hisses? Can you trust your pet? Should you get out of the tank and leave the room? The answer is no, not necessarily. … Read more

Do Baby Bearded Dragons Sleep A Lot?


Do baby bearded dragons sleep a lot? Beardie babies are just so darn cute, sometimes it seems like they are smiling at you. They are so active that many people can’t even imagine them sleeping more than a few hours a day. But, beardies do sleep in fact, they sleep a lot – at least … Read more

Why Does My Bearded Dragon Look Bloated? (4 Main Causes)


Keeping any pet healthy is a challenge, and the same is true for bearded dragons. They are not as widely kept as other lizards or snakes, but they are rising in popularity as more people discover how fascinating these reptiles are.   If you have a bearded dragon as a pet, you may be wondering … Read more

Why Does My Bearded Dragon Open His Mouth After Eating?


When you see your pet bearded dragon eating, you probably think he’ll continue to munch away for a few more minutes. But, then again, beardies are a pretty mysterious species. For example, you may have noticed an unsual behavior after he finishes eating and could not help but ask yourself “why does my bearded dragon … Read more

How To Tell If Your Bearded Dragon Trusts You?


Bearded dragons are curious and personable animals. They can be inquisitive about their environment, interactive with people, and even affectionate with their human caregivers. If you’re new to owning bearded dragons or new to caring for one as a pet, you might worry about how much attention and trust your little friend gives you. You … Read more

why Does My Bearded Dragon Stay In One Spot?


Bearded dragons are famous for their unique behavior and awesome personalities. They’re also well-known for their tendency to stay in one place. If you know a bearded dragon, you’ve probably seen them chillin’ in one spot all the time. What gives? Why do they stay in one place? Let’s take a look at some of … Read more

How Far Can a Bearded Dragon See? (Not What You Think)


Bearded dragons are among the most amazing pets you can own. These gentle creatures are easy to care for and tend to be affectionate. But how much do you know about their eyesight? How far can a bearded dragon see?   You might be surprised to learn that these reptiles have excellent eyesight, no matter … Read more