Hypo Zero Bearded Dragon: We Tell you all About This White Beardie


The bearded dragons hypo zero are bearded dragons which have a very visible particularity: they indeed sport a very recognizable white color. 

We zoom on this breed of beardies in this article.


Bearded dragon hypo zero: a history of genes

In fact, the beardie hypo zero is not strictly speaking a race but a classification of white bearded dragons. 

This white color is unusual: it is in fact due to the presence of two particular genes in the organism of the beardie, the zero gene as well as the hypo gene. 


Easy, right? These two genes combined generate a beardie which will have no color, and which will therefore remain white throughout its life. 


If the beardie only has the zero gene, then it will sport a color closer to gray than white. The hypo (hypomelanistic) gene has the power to lighten the beardie’s complexion a little more and make its nails white – in fact, this gene causes a lack of melamine which will prevent the colors from developing. 

The whiteness thus obtained is very beautiful and the specimens of beardie hypo zero have a particularly impressive appearance.


Beardie hypo zero: is it rare? What is the price?

Bearded dragons hypo zero are not particularly rare. They are always or almost always from reproduction supervised by specialists.

This explains why their price is higher than “classic” bearded dragons or sporting more usual colors.


We can estimate that a beardie hypo zero can be around $200 for a juvenile beardie, and from $300 for an adult beardie. 

These prices vary of course a lot depending on the breeder and the visual particularities of the beardie. 

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Warning: wanting to produce a beardie hypo zero by yourself is an arduous and complex task. 

This is for professionals and which requires real know-how as well as high quality breeding animals!


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