Can Bearded Dragons Eat Dog Food? (Nope, Here’s Why)

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Dog Food

Because bearded dragons are omnivorous you may be tempted to give them other pets’ food. So can bearded dragons eat dog food?

No bearded dragons cannot eat dog food.

Your beardie will love insects such as crickets, locusts and other small insects. You can also supplement their diet with some fruits and vegetables.


Why you should not feed dog food to your bearded dragon

When you think about it, bearded dragons would never eat processed food in their natural habitat.

Although some food in specialty stores could be safe for your bearded dragons.

Canned dog food is bad for your bearded dragon because they are not appropriate staple protein sources.

Indeed, too much chicken, eggs, turkey is not good for your beardie.


You can read more about appropriate diet for your pet in our in-depth articles.


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