Why Won’t My Bearded Dragon Drink Water? (Do This)


If you’re wondering why your bearded dragon won’t eat or drink water, there are a few reasons for this.
If you don’t provide your lizards with a fresh source of water, they won’t go looking for it on their own.

But if you do keep them hydrated, they may simply not want to drink from their bowl when you offer it because they prefer another source — like the high humidity of your home.

What happens when my bearded dragon does not drink water

Some types of bearded dragons won’t drink the water you provide, but they do need to drink some water.
Bearded dragons typically obtain the majority of their hydration by consuming their food or by licking droplets off their cage or substrate.

If your bearded dragon isn’t getting enough moisture from these items, you may notice signs of dehydration, including lethargy, sunken eyes and skin that appears dry or wrinkled.

Your lizard should also have a fecal sample checked at least once per year to make sure he’s eating properly and absorbing nutrients from his diet

How do you give water to a bearded dragon?

Giving water to bearded dragons is simple! The best way to give water is a large glass or ceramic bowl.
You can either leave the source of water on the cage so your bearded dragon can reach it, or put it in the cage.

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Bearded dragons should be able to drink from the bowl, but you may have to help them at first.
You can use a syringe with warm water or add a pinch of sugar to make it more enticing.

How often do bearded dragons drink water?

Bearded dragons need fresh water daily. The amount depends on the size of their habitat, weather, age and other factors.
Water should be kept in a shallow dish for easy access and changed at least once per day (clean dishes are necessary to prevent bacterial growth).


In Summary

A bearded dragon’s water intake varies from lizard to lizard, but most require a daily drink.
Keep in mind that as a desert animal, bearded dragons live on water from their food, so it’s common for them to forget about drinking altogether without it being provided for them.


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