Can Bearded Dragons Eat Clover? (Yep! Here’s What To Do)

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Clover

Clover plants are useful for livestock feed. Indeed, clover is foraged by wildlife, including bears, game animals and birds.

No wonder why you may have asked yourself “can bearded dragons eat clover?”. Well the answer is yes in moderation.


Can bearded dragons have clover?

As briefly stated above, beardies can eat clover in moderation. In fact, they can eat almost all types of clovers including but not limited to white clover, red clover, crimson clover and so forth.

One word of cautions though: clover in the wild may contain some pesticids or compounds that are harmful to bearded dragons.

Ideally you may want to grow your clover organically if you can in order to avoid harming your pet. Indeed, organically grown clovers may be free of contamination.


Clover nutrition information

Clovers contain lots of nutrients that are useful for your beardie’s health.

The include proteins, carbohydrates and minerals.


Benefits of clover

Potential health benefits of clover include the following:


Bone Health

Clover may improve the bone health of your beardie


Better Blood flow

Research suggests that clover can improve blood flow.


Potential risks of feeding clover to your bearded dragon

Clover is rich in both phosphorus and calcium. As you may already know too much phosphorus can affect the absorption of calcium.

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Calcium is crucial for avoiding metabolic bone disease in your bearded dragon.


How to feed clovers to bearded dragons

If you can plant clover and cultivate them then by all means do it.

As stated above wild clovers can be harmful to your pet because they contain pesticides [1].


Here is what you need to do to feed clover to your bearded dragon:

  • Always wash the plants thoroughly to remove mostly dirt
  • Remove excess water if possible
  • Mix clovers with other vegetables and give them to your pet.


In Summary

Can bearded dragons eat clover? Clovers are safe for your beardie in most cases. Just avoid using the ones from the wild in order to prevent potential harm to your pet.

If you are unsure about your bearded dragon’s diet and health, consult a veterinary.


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[1] Pesticides