Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cooked Chicken?

can bearded dragons eat cooked chicken

Chicken is full of nutrients such as phosphorus, niacin, selenium, protein, and vitamins B12 and B6.

Hence, it is highly recommended delicacy than red meat. Does that approach work with a bearded dragon, or is it safe for bearded dragons to eat cooked chicken?

Since bearded dragons are omnivorous, they can eat chicken, but you will be doing more harm than good by offering chicken.

Continue reading the article and learn why we do not recommend chicken for bearded dragons.


Calcium is an essential mineral for Bearded Dragons


As we have mentioned severally, you may even come across many articles recommending you keep calcium in constant supply for bearded dragons.

Bearded dragons entirely depend on calcium to thrive and maintain healthy bone and muscle formation.

Aside from calcium, they also need correct lighting conditions from the sun to gain Vitamin D3, enhancing bone health.

Bearing that in mind, you should not, therefore, feed them with a high in phosphorus and oxalate diet because they bind with calcium to form an insoluble compound.

Hence, inhibiting the absorption of calcium in the body and exposing your beardy to the risk of suffering from serious health issues related to calcium deficiency.


Why you should Steer Clear of feeding your Beardie Chicken


Literally, a bearded dragon can eat cooked chicken man time as you wish, but it is not an excellent source of nutrition for your beardy.

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Even if you think of serving it once a month, you should still steer clear of feeding your beardie chicken.

Chicken has dangerous calcium to phosphorus ratio, which is 1 to 16.7. Meaning, the phosphorus in chicken will bind with calcium and go further to pull more from your beardy’s bones.

Hence, if the amount of calcium drops below the required level, your beardy will use or recycle calcium which is dangerous because it predisposes beardy to metabolic bone disease.


Signs and Symptoms relating to Lack of calcium


Well, it is straightforward to know your beardy is suffering from Metabolic Bone Disease. Some of them may be obvious, less harsh, and not easy to notice.

But it would be helpful to take them into the note and take precautions to avoid going through lots of pain. They include;


  • Your beardy will start eating sand, mainly sand containing calcium.• Lack of physical strength, mainly the back legs.

    • Lack of appetite.

    • Swollen legs.

    • Softening of the bones. You will only know this by feeling particular areas.

    • Your beardy’s body will start to deform.

    • Inability to move around and lift itself.

    • Bent spine and tail.

    • Constipation

    • Fractures and Broken Bones.




If you have been feeding chicken to your beardy, please lay off the chicken and start considering a healthy diet with calcium and Vitamins.

Calcium supports proper development and protection of bones, including appropriate muscle and cellular process functions necessary for beardie’s life.

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