Can Bearded Dragons Eat Turkey?

can bearded dragons eat turkey

Eating turkey for Bearded dragons is something that needs to be done in moderation, along with a healthy diet.


For Bearded dragons, their main food should always be insects. However, there are circumstances where you can give your Bearded dragon some turkey meat.


For example, if you are in the process of brumation, your Beardie will not be in a position to feed on insects.


Why it is not recommended for Bearded Dragon to eat turkey?


In most cases, it is recommended that you do not give your Bearded dragon turkey as a meal for several reasons.

For one thing, turkey may have a lot of fats and oils, which can increase the chances of obesity in Bearded dragons.

Obesity leads to a range of health problems including arthritis and heart disease.


Additionally, turkey may also contain ingredients that are not compatible with the Bearded dragons.

For instance, there may be parasitic diseases that can catch on to your pet reptile if you give them this type of meat.


By giving your Bearded dragon turkey, you will not be meeting their nutritional requirements at all.


What are the foods I can give instead of turkey?


You have a wide range of choices when it comes to giving meat to your Bearded dragon. You can choose from chicken, beef or ham.

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These meats are safe for consumption by reptile pets and they provide the required nutrition. If you are looking to balance your Beardies’ diet, make sure that they eat enough insects for the day.


Just make sure you give your Bearded dragon a minimal quantity of meats so they do not have an increase in the amount of fats in their body, especially if they are brumating or underweight.


Can a Bearded dragon be fed with turkey during Thanksgiving?


You shouldn’t give your Bearded dragon turkey during Thanksgiving. This is because this time of the year has a lot of meats that you can give to your pet reptile.

You can give turkey, but make sure you follow all the guidelines as mentioned before. The following the precautions you should keep in mind when feeling your bearded dragon with turkey;


  1. Always give a small quantity of turkey meat to your pet reptile. If you give too much, then there is a big chance that your pet will suffer from obesity.


  1. Always remove the unhealthy parts of turkey meat. The unhealthy parts include the skin, bones, and grease. If this is not done, then your Bearded dragon may suffer from indigestion.


How come Bearded dragons don’t eat turkey?


Your Bearded dragon may not like turkey immediately. This means that you may need to spend some time for them to get used to it.

Offer them turkey at times when you are around to make sure they do not get sick or harm themselves.

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If your Bearded dragon still does not like the taste of turkey, try cooking it with other ingredients so that it tastes better.

You can also give your pet reptile chicken instead of turkey during this time of the year.




It is generally safe to feed your Bearded dragon turkey meat in small quantities and certain situations. It is not a good idea to give them turkey as a meal as it can lead to obesity.

However, make sure to offer your reptile only those meats that are safe for them to eat as prescribed by a veterinarian. Follow all the nutritional guidelines as well as the quantities and frequency of giving your Bearded dragon these meats.

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