Can Bearded Dragons Eat Kiwi Fruit?

can bearded dragons eat kiwi fruit

It is strongly recommended that 75-80% of the adult beardy’s diet be nutritious vegetables, leafy greens, and fruits.

Unlike vegetable and leafy greens, fruits should be served minimally. This is due to high or relatively high amounts of sugar and binding organic compounds.

Taking that into the note, can bearded dragon eat Kiwi fruit? Yes, a bearded dragon can eat kiwi fruit, but only once a month.


If once in a month, then what is the significance of serving Kiwi as a treat?


Kiwi is highly nutritious packed with lots of vital Vitamins, especially Vitamin C. This vitamin helps boost your beardie’s immunity.

It also contains small to moderate amounts of Vitamin E and K, antioxidants, folates,  and fiber. There is an acceptable ratio amount of calcium and phosphorus, zinc, copper, and a small amount of potassium.

Despite being in small amounts, these vitamins and minerals help promote the wellbeing of your beardie.

Indeed, they reduce inflammation, strengthen body cells and tissues. They also prevent constipation, and blood clotting. Furthermore, they enhance fast recovery from injury, and promote heart and bone strength.

Kiwi is a healthy superfood, but it has a particular pitfall that can cause severe health problems; hence, serving it once a month is safe and won’t harm your beardy.


Why you should serve Kiwi Once a Month


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As mentioned above that fruits contain sugar and organic compounds, but this varies from fruit to fruit. Unfortunately, Kiwi contains a high amount of oxalate compound. It has a high amount of oxalic acid, hence the name oxalic fruit.

Like Phosphorus, oxalic acid also prevents mineral absorption because it binds with calcium to form calcium oxalate. This is an insoluble compound that cannot be absorbed into the beardie’s bloodstream.

Therefore, serving kiwi regularly increases the amount of oxalic acid leading to calcium deficiency and, over time, can cause kidney stones and Metabolic Bone Disease {MBD}.

However, Kiwi does not have a high amount of sugar, but regularly, it can also cause overweight, tooth decay, digestion problems, and even diarrhea.


How to prepare and serve Kiwi Fruit for a Bearded Dragon to Eat


Fresh organic Kiwi is an excellent option whenever possible because it lacks agrochemicals that are harmful to your beardy’s health.

Secondly, peel off the skin beforehand and cut them into small pieces, but ensure they are small enough as the size or distance between their eyes for easy ingestion and digestion.

Or, more to the point, feeding your dragon smaller pieces of food will help to prevent choking, impaction, and difficult bowel movements.

Lastly, you should always offer it as a salad in a bowl combined or mixed with vegetables, leafy greens, or proteins.




Since your Beardy can eat the Kiwi’s seeds and skins, it does not mean they are also safe because too much consumption can cause choking and impaction.

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While it contains a good amount of nutrition, kiwi doesn’t have enough to support your baby beardie’s growth. Therefore, Kiwi isn’t food that will benefit baby bearded dragons.

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