Can Bearded Dragons Grow Their Tail Back? (Nope Here’s Why)


You beardie probably lost its tail which prompted you to ask “can bearded dragons grow their tail back?

The answer is NO beardies cannot grow their tail back.

It’s a common misconception that autotomy [1] exists in bearded dragons. This is when lizards drop their tail and regenerate a new one.

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What causes bearded dragons to lose their tail?

Bearded dragons can lose their tail through injury or by accident.

When this happens, their tails will heal but it won’t regrow.


Note that beardies are solitary by nature so when they feel like an intruder is invading their space, they can get into a fight.

When two bearded dragons fight, one can bite and cut the other’s tail off. The same is true if their tail is bitten by other pets you keep around the house.


Furthermore, when shedding problems occur, beardies may lose their tails. Shedding is when a bearded dragon grows a new skin underneath the old one and shed off the latter one.

Finally, bearded dragons can lose their tails because of tail rot. This is a diseases that affects the beardie’s tail slowly eating it away until the pet loses its entire tail.


What happens if a bearded dragon loses its tail?

As previously mentioned if a bearded dragon loses its tail, it won’t regrow.

The next best thing you could do is to treat the injury by keeping it clean and going to a vet as soon as you can for professional help.

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In Summary

Bearded dragons may lose their tail due to injury or by accident. When this happens, the tail will not regrow.

It’s important that you attend to the injury or take your pet to a vet in order to avoid further health complications.



[1] Autotomy