Why Is My Bearded Dragon Running Around Like Crazy?


Bearded dragons can display a wide range of behaviors one of which is running. But why is my bearded dragon running around like crazy, would you ask.

Your beardie may be running around for various reasons with the most common ones being linked to the heating conditions of its habitat and the presence of parasites.


Why is my bearded dragon running around so much?

As briefly mentioned above there are many events that can cause your bearded dragon to run around.


Habitat Care

Given that your pet spends most of his time in its terrarium, it’s important to create some optimum setup for its wellbeing.

First, avoid using substrate in the enclosure if you can as it’s not healthy for your dragon. Instead opt for plain paper or cage carpet.

Secondly, don’t use Coil UVB light in the terrarium. Indeed, Coil UVB is known to cause some snow blindness which may damage the eyesight of your pet. This is also referred to as photo kerato conjunctivitis.


Proper diet and supplements

Watch out for any supplement you may be giving to your pet. Indeed, if its diet is already rich in vitamins D and calcium, you would be creating an unhealthy mix for your pet.

Indeed, vitamins D, calcium compounded with UVB light may create a neurologic problem or unnecessary stress.


How to calm down my bearded dragon?

When you see your pet running around like crazy, simply give it a soak in ½ warm water and ½ plain Pedialyte.

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This should do the trick. It will prevent dehydration and help it calm down.

If you are still concerned about your bearded dragon hyper activity, schedule a vet visit for professional assistance.



In Summary

It’s not uncommon to see a bearded dragon running. It seems like it’s running around like crazy then you may want to check your husbandry. Giving your pet a warm soak may calm it. Schedule a vet appointment if you are still concerned.