Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bird Eggs?

can bearded dragons eat bird eggs

Whole eggs are protein rich food full of nutrients. You may want to share the goodies with your beardie hence the question can bearded dragons eat bird eggs? Yes they can eat bird eggs such as quail eggs but as a treat.


Indeed, quail is a ground-nested bird with smaller size eggs than chicken.


Nutritional information of bird eggs

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They contain more fat, protein, iron, riboflavin, and vitamin B12 by weight than chicken eggs.

According to Healthline, a single quail egg has a significant chunk of vitamin b12 and selenium [1].

Selenium help breaks down the food into energy while vitamin b12 promotes a healthy nervous system.


How do you prepare eggs for bearded dragons


Never feed your beardie with raw egg, rather boil it or scramble it.

When you scramble the egg, do not mix it with oil or butter.

Cut the boiled egg into small pieces and add it to a bowl of greens.



Yes bearded dragons can eat bird eggs but not raw. Quail eggs for instance are healthy and can be given as boiled or scrambled.

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