What Do Bearded Dragons Hate?


Bearded dragons are generally considered to be docile and friendly pets. Additionally, bearded dragons can easily become comfortable with its surrounding and you as their owner. However, there are certain things that bearded dragons do not like around them or done to them. Here are The things that bearded dragons hate.


Things bearded dragons Hate


What they hate about holding them

  • Being grabbed from above. When you hold your bearded friend from above, they feel threatened; hence they do not like it. Therefore, when you want to lift your bearded friend, you should gently do It from The side.Being grabbed from The tail. It is a bad idea to hold your bearded friend by its tail. Grabbing your bearded friend from its tail will leave its back unsupported, and this may cause severe damage to its bones.


Beardies and noise

  •  Ceiling fans. Ceiling fans have a whirring motion which is irritating to your bearded friends, especially above their heads. The motion stresses beardies since they perceive It to be a predator out to attack them.


  •  Vibrations and loud noises. Vibrations, especially from heavy machinery and loud noises like loud music and kids playing around, may make your bearded friend restless and stressed, which they hate.


Bearded dragons and other animals

Birds. When your bearded friend is out of The enclosure and sees birds flying around, they may get stressed and scared since they perceive It as a threat.

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Other bearded dragons. This is in cases of male beardies. Male bearded dragons are territorial, and when they see another male beardie around them or within The vicinity, they will attack and drive them away.

Other animals. bearded dragons do not like being around other animals that you keep a pet in your homes, such as cats, dogs, rabbits, and many more. They always get scared and feel threatened by them. Your bearded friend may even refuse to come out of their enclosure when they see other animals around their vicinity.


Other things beardies hate

Their reflection. Beardies get easily agitated when they se their reflection. You may see your bearded friend trying to attack The side of The tank.

Small or cramped spaces. bearded dragons like spacious enclosures that they can move around without stress. You will see your bearded friend trying to escape when you keep them in small tanks.


What To Do When bearded dragons hate Something?


Caring for your bearded dragon solely depends on you. Therefore, It is your responsibility to make sure your bearded friend does not get stressed.

When you see or realize that your bearded friend does not like something, you should find The best solution faster. You should avoid holding your beardie with its tail, ensure It has ample space in The enclosure, avoid keeping two beardies together, and many more.



When you realize that your beardie hates something, you should try to avoid It or sought It out. This is because when beardies hate something, they become stressed and prolonged stress can lead to severe cases for your beardie. Your beardie may stop eating, lose weight and even die in some extreme cases.

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