Can Bearded Dragons Eat Other Lizards?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Other Lizards

As a beardie owner you may have been thinking about finding a buddy to your pet by mixing it with other lizards. You are simply not sure if this is such a good idea hence the question can bearded dragons eat other lizards?

The short answer is yes bearded dragons eat other lizards! I know it sounds awful, but lizards eat other lizards. Especially if you mix a big lizard with a small one.

So, it’s not uncommon for beadies to eat their own offspring.


Can you mix bearded dragons with other lizards?

You could mix a male and female beardie if the tank is large enough and both pets have similar size.

Our recommendation is to avoid this mix if possible. Read our detailed article on why two beardies can’t share the same tank.


Can a beardie eat a gecko?

If your beardie is big in size it can definitively eat a gecko.

Beardies also eat fruits such as green grapes. Find out more here.