Can you put 2 bearded dragons in the same tank?

Can you put 2 bearded dragons in the same tank

The bearded dragon adapts very well to a solitary life. It does not need a companion to walk in the sand, to find food or to expose its scales in the light of day.

However, if you don’t want to leave your pet alone, you can bring another beardie to its terrarium , but not just any.

You must preserve harmony in its environment. For that, you need to consider the different options detailed below.


An impossible cohabitation between 2 male Bearded Dragons

As much as possible, avoid bringing two males together in the same terrarium . There is a strong rivalry between them and a relation of domination which results in fights and can lead to the degradation of theĀ  health of the dominated, even his death.


Keeping two beardies together

The ideal would therefore be to have two females cohabit together. It is rare that two females cannot get along especially if they are growing up together.


You can experience cohabitation between a male and a female if the latter is 6 to 12 months older than the male and both have reached the adult stage.


This way, they will have roughly the same sexual maturity. A male that is too small risks being attacked by the female if the size difference is too large.


If you opt for bearded dragons of the same age (male and female), the male may impose himself and exhaust the female by his incessant sexual assaults. Hence the need to opt for an 18 month old female who will be at least 6 months older than the male.

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Can multiple bearded dragons live together?

You can cohabit a male with two female beardies. Thus, he will not be able to satisfy his hormonal surges on two different partners. However, it is always advisable to observe the evolution of the cohabitation so that there is not a strong dominance of one of the species.


A spare terrarium just in case

Over time, two or three cohabitation can lead to fights. This can have more or less serious consequences on the diet of others.


In this case, there are not thirty-six solutions, you have to separate them. What could be better than a spare terrarium to restore calm?


This spare terrarium is the solution to calm the ardor of a dominant male. It will also be used to separate species after the act of reproduction or in the event of illness.