Can Bearded Dragons Eat Apple?

can bearded dragons eat apple

You know the saying about an apple a day keeps the doctor away, right?

But are they any good for your beardie? In other words, can bearded dragons eat apple?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat apples on a weekly basis!


Nutrients contained in Apples

Apples are packed with nutrients that are beneficial to both human and beardies. Hereunder some of them:

  • Vitamins: Apples contain loads of vitamin A and C which contribute to a healthy immune system, a good vision and balanced growth.


  • Fiber: Apples have a high concentration of fiber and help with constipation and gut mobility.


  • Water: An apple contains a high amount of water which helps with hydration of your beardie.


  • Other vitamins and minerals: Apples also contain plenty other minerals such as potassium that is needed for blood pressure regulation, muscle functions and more.


How much Apple can a bearded dragon eat?

Generally speaking you should not give any high doses of fruits to your pet. This include apples.

Indeed, despite the fact that apples are nutrients packed, they can harm your beardie when fed too often.

The main reason, why it’s not advisable is because of the the high content in sugar. Too much sugar can cause tooth decay, obesity and other related health complications [1].

In short, limiting the amount of apple or sugar you give your beardie is a step forward for a healthy pet.

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How to Feed Apple to your bearded dragon

As you would have guessed it, you can simply throw an apple to your beardie and expect it to feast on it!

Indeed, you need to peel and slice apples into small pieces. Ensure that you remove any possible seeds as those could harm your pet.

Therefore, we recommend serving the outside flesh of a freshly peeled apple to your beardie.

In short:

  • Peel a fresh apple
  • Slice the flesh into tiny pieces
  • Sense check that there are no seeds
  • Serve either alone or ideally with some vegetables.



Apples are nutrients packed fruits that your beardie can eat. Ensure that you feed them with freshly peeled apples that have no seeds.

Kindly contact your local veterinarian for expert advice about your pet’s diet when in doubt.

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