Can Bearded Dragons Eat Asparagus?


Yes, bearded dragons can eat asparagus since it is safe for their consumption. Since bearded dragons are reptiles and, like most reptiles, they are omnivores.

Bearded dragons need both vegetables and insects as part of their diet to keep them healthy and lively.

When young, you should feed your bearded dragon 80% insects and 20% of fruits and vegetables. It would be best if you fed them 20% insects and 80% vegetables when grown.

Asparagus contains healthy nutritional content that plays an essential role in your bearded dragons’ day-to-day needs.

Despite asparagus containing essential minerals and nutrients, it is not advisable for you to feed them this food daily.

This is because asparagus is high in phosphorus, oxalates, and many more elements that may cause your bearded friend some health concerns when taken in high quantity.

Therefore, you should feed your bearded friend asparagus at least once a week or twice a month.

Additionally, before feeding your bearded dragon asparagus, you should check on the nutritional content of the other foods that you have fed them to prevent any possibility of a high concentration of other minerals in their body that may be harmful to them.


The benefits of feeding asparagus to bearded dragons


Asparagus contains key minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that your bearded dragon requires. Therefore, feeding your bearded dragon Asparagus occasionally has multiple benefits. Some of the elements in asparagus and benefits include: –


  • Vitamin C and antioxidants – these nutrients will play an essential role in preventing oxidation and inflammation that may cause diseases. Additionally, these nutrients will help in boosting your bearded friend’s immune system, development, growth, and repairing of their body tissues.
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  • Fiber – Asparagus has low fiber content that will help in improving the digestive system in your bearded dragon.


  • Potassium – 92% of asparagus is potassium and water, which will help improve the kidney function in your bearded friend. This mineral will also help improve the muscle function in the kidney and strengthen it in the process. The high water quantity in asparagus will help keep your beardie hydrated and wash out bad things from their kidney.


  • Vitamin E – it will help prevent inflammation and repair your bearded dragon’s damaged cells.


  • Vitamin K – it will be helpful in regulating blood clotting in your bearded dragon.


  • Folate – this will help maintain your beardies’ cell functions and improve tissue growth in their body.


  • Protein – it will help in the growth of strong muscles in your bearded friend.


  • Calcium – This mineral will help your bearded dragon’s bone development and general wellness.


  • Vitamin A – it will help in boosting your beardies immune system and excellent vision.


Why shouldn’t the bearded dragon eat asparagus every day?


It would be best if you did not feed your beardie asparagus on a daily basis because of the following: –


  • Asparagus contains vitamin A and feeding them daily may cause Vitamin A toxicity which is risky to their health.


  • High phosphorus – feeding your beardie asparagus daily will lead to a high concentration of phosphorus in their body. This will lead to phosphorus binding with calcium and preventing its absorption into the beardies body, leading to Metabolic Bone Disease, which is risky to their health and may lead to their deaths.
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  • Asparagus contains oxalates. Most vegetables and fruits contain oxalates, and feeding your beardies asparagus will lead to high oxalate content in their body. Oxalates may bind with calcium and prevent calcium absorption in your beardies body leading to Metabolic Bone Disease.


How Do You Prepare Asparagus for Bearded Dragons?


The process of preparing food for a bearded dragon is relatively easy.


  1. Wash and clean the asparagus thoroughly. This will help in getting rid of pesticides and other chemicals that may cause health problems to your bearded friend since they are sensitive ad prone to health issues.


  1. Chop the asparagus into small pieces. Beardies are quite vulnerable to choking, especially when you give them large chunks of food. It would be best if you chopped the asparagus into small pieces. The size should not be larger than the distance between their eyes. This will help in easy swallowing since they are not good at chewing food.


  1. Offer your bearded dragon asparagus.


Can I feed my bearded dragon cooked asparagus?


It is advisable that you feed your bearded friend raw asparagus since cooking it will deplete vitamins. However, the cooking process reduces the concentration of oxalates in asparagus and makes it easy for them to chew. If you decide to cook asparagus for your bearded friend, you should wash it thoroughly and then cook without adding oil, salt, pepper, or any other ingredients since they make your bearded dragon sick.




  • Can baby bearded dragons eat asparagus?


Baby dragons can eat asparagus. However, it would be best if you did not give that frequently since they do not need it in their growth despite asparagus being nutritious. Baby beardies need a lot of food with protein and calcium, which can only be found in live foods such as insects. You need to feed baby beardies 80% insects and 20% vegetables and fruits.

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  • How often can I feed my bearded friend asparagus?


Asparagus is nutritious, but it is not a staple food for bearded dragons. Additionally, it contains some aspects that, when you feed them regularly, will lead to a high concentration of them in their bodies, and this may lead to health risks to your beardies. Therefore, you should feed your beardie small amounts of asparagus once or twice a month.




It is true that it is safe and healthy to feed your bearded dragon asparagus in small quantities occasionally. This food contains nutritional content that will help your beaded friend become active and healthy. However, it is advisable that you check on the nutritional content of other foods before feeding your bearded friend asparagus to prevent the concentration of other elements that may be risky to their health. With proper feeding, you are assured of having a healthy and active bearded friend that will keep you entertained in your home.

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