Can Bearded Dragons Eat Egg?

can bearded dragons eat egg

Eggs are full of nutrients, especially protein therefore it’s no wonder why some beardie owners ask: can bearded dragons eat egg?

Yes they can eat egg in moderation. They should be fed as a treat once every two weeks.

We recommend using grass fed chicken eggs for example to be on the safe side.

One better option is to use quail egg which is smaller and yet equally nutritious.


Nutritional value of egg

A whole large egg contains 75.8g of water and 12.4g of protein per 100g [1]

When looking for a balanced diet for your beardie once indicator to look at is the Ca:P ratio. Also known as the calcium to phosphorous ratio, which indidates if you can feed your pet in moderation or frequently with a given food type.

A whole egg contains 132mg of phosphorous per 100g. This is a Ca:P ratio of 0.93 which is close to the recommended ratio of 1 for adult beardies.

Furthermore, egg contains disease-fighting nutrients such as lutein (230 micrograms) and zeaxanthin (229 micrograms). These nutrients are known to reduce age-related muscular degeneration one of the main causes of blindness in older adults (human) [2].


How do you cook eggs for a bearded dragon?

First of all ensure that you boil or scramble the egg. Indeed your beardie will not eat raw egg.

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We highly recommend not to use any oil or butter when cooking the egg.

Once the egg is cooked, chop it into small pieces (assuming you boiled it) before giving it to your pet.

You can serve the egg with some green leaves such as dandelion.


Frequently asked Questions


What kind of eggs can bearded dragons eat?

As briefly mentioned, bearded dragons can eat quail eggs, chicken eggs.


Can bearded dragons eat egg shells?

Egg shells are a source of calcium which is essential for your beardie’s development.

Unfortunately, it’s not a very good idea to have your pet eat egg shells for the following reasons:

  • Egg shells contain bacteria that can harm your bearded dragon
  • Your beardie can’t swallow eggshells easily as they can cause gut impaction or chocking unless you smash them into powder.
  • Given the high concentration of calcium in eggshells, it will be difficult for you to track how much calcium your pet is getting.


Can bearded dragons eat scrambled eggs?

Yes you can feed your beardie with scrambled eggs. Just ensure that you don’t cook them with oil or butter. Don’t add any seasonings either.


Can bearded dragons eat chicken eggs?

Yes bearded dragons can eat chicken eggs. They are full of protein.



Bearded dragons can eat quail eggs or chicken eggs but in moderation.

Eggs are a good source of protein and other essential vitamins for your beardie’s development.

But overfeeding them with eggs could impact their health hence the recommended approach of infrequent feed.

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