Can Bearded Dragons Eat Quail Eggs?

can bearded dragons eat quail eggs

Most people love eggs, including chicken, quail, duck eggs, and so on. Eggs are protein-rich and considered a healthy addition to the human diet. But can bearded dragons eat quail eggs? The short answer is yes!

Bearded dragons can eat quail eggs but should be given in moderation. Quail eggs have high protein levels and should not be fed too often to your bearded dragons, especially adult bearded dragons.

Continue reading to learn more about bearded dragons eating quail eggs.


Health Benefits of Quail Eggs to Bearded Dragons?


It is advantageous and completely safe to give small amounts of egg to your bearded dragon.

Similar to their health benefits to humans, eggs can meet your bearded dragon’s protein requirements and offer a wide range of minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to their health.

Quail eggs are especially excellent as they are small but still very nutritious. You don’t need to worry too much about the serving sizes.


Protein is essential to all development stages of bearded dragons, particularly to juveniles and babies, and quail eggs can supply that sufficiently.

They utilize protein to grow and develop their bones and muscles while also maintaining high energy levels and a healthy immune system.

Quail eggs are also rich in vitamin D, essential to beardies in processing and digesting calcium for strong and well-built bones.

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The eggs are also high in antioxidants that help fight aging signs, prevent diseases caused by free radicals such as cancer, and maintain healthy skin.

Although your bearded dragon should get most of these minerals and vitamins from the regular diet, adding additional sources such as quail eggs won’t hurt.


Why Should You Feed Quail Eggs To Your Bearded Dragon in Moderation?


As we have stated earlier, quail eggs have high protein levels than even chicken eggs. Although protein is good for your bearded friends, it can be bad for them if taken in excess.

Young bearded dragons require high protein levels to grow. That is why it’s recommended to feed them lots of insects, including roaches, crickets, mealworms, etc. insects contain more proteins than salads and vegetables, which is good for the proper development of young bearded dragons.

On the other hand, adult bearded dragons do not require too much protein and hence should be given more vegetables than insects and other protein-rich foods like eggs.


Too much quail eggs can result in excess protein and fat, which can cause diseases such as fatty liver disease and other health complications.

Feeding too much protein will make your bearded dragon fat. Usually, bearded dragons lose the weight gained overtime during brumation.

However, if it has gained too much weight, the bearded dragon will still have excess fat after hibernation.

To ensure your bearded dragon remains healthy, I recommend offering them quail eggs only as a treat, once in two weeks for the young ones and once per month for the adult bearded dragons.

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How to Offer Quail Eggs to Your Bearded Dragon


Now that you know quail eggs are a healthy diet for your bearded dragon when given in moderation, you are probably wondering how you should go about offering some quail eggs to your pet.

There are several ways of preparing the eggs for your bearded friend. But to start with, you should never feed raw eggs to your bearded dragons, cook the eggs in fat such as butter or oil or add spices, sauces, or seasonings.

Raw egg is not good for your beardie as it can be difficult for them to digest and might also carry bacteria leading to food poisoning.

Also, avoid eggshells as they might be having pathogens and may result in impaction.


We recommend preparing the eggs by boiling gently, poaching, whisking the egg plain, and placing it in a microwave for about two minutes.

Give the egg some time to cool before cutting it into small pieces. Offering the egg in smaller, bite-sized pieces will ensure that the bearded dragon does not choke.

Mix the egg pieces into the regular diet and salad of your bearded dragon.




Bearded dragons can eat quail eggs. They can benefit from lots of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals in eggs.

However, too much protein and fat in quail eggs can be bad for your bearded dragon; hence should be offered in moderation.

Young, juvenile, and baby bearded dragons can take quail eggs more regularly because they need more protein, but adults should take less because their nutrition requirements are more vegetables and salads.

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With that in mind, bearded dragons can enjoy a quail eggs treat from time to time and benefit from the many vitamins and minerals in them.