Can Bearded Dragons Eat Guava? (The Risks!)


Many individuals have questions about bearded dragons if they can eat guava. They may eat guava as a special treat! Guavas are an excellent choice for bearded dragons. Each guava fruit has vitamins and nutrients that the health of bearded dragons requires.

When offering treats to bearded dragons, fresh guavas are a great choice. It is critical to know how to serve guavas appropriately so that they might be provided in the safest method possible.

We’ll examine everything you want to know about feeding bearded dragons guavas in the following paragraphs.


One question people often have about bearded dragons is whether or not they can eat guava. 

The answer is yes, they can eat guava as a treat! Bearded dragons love to eat fruit, and a guava is a great option for them.

Guava is packed with nutrients and vitamins that are essential for a bearded dragon’s health. Offer your bearded dragon a few slices of fresh guava to enjoy as a treat.


Can a bearded dragon eat guava?

Yes, bearded dragons can safely eat small amounts of guava, whether it be the fruit itself or products made from the fruit, such as juice or jam. As with any food, however, it is important to feed guava to your bearded dragon in moderation.


What would Bearded Dragons Eat from guava?

If you have a species of guava that has edible leaves, roots, or fruit skin, it is safe for your bearded dragon to eat.

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If you have a type of guava that is poisonous, it is dangerous for your bearded dragon to absorb any of the plant’s nourishment.

If you’re not sure what sort of guava you have, avoid feeding your dragon anything from the plant..


What to watch for when deciding to feed your beardie guava

There are several things you must contemplate when offering guava to bearded dragons. First of all, their diet should be based on vegetables, fruits, and bugs. The bearded dragon diet may include a wide range of fruit types, including guava.

Grapes, apples, and pears are just a few of the many fruit choices.

You should serve guava in moderation. The fruit is high in sugar, which can be harmful to the bearded dragon if eaten in large quantities.


Make sure never to feed your bearded dragon guava that has been sweetened, as this may lead to serious health issues.

Always make sure to wash the fruit thoroughly before serving it to your pet, and do some research on the best methods to serve guava to your bearded dragon.

Follow these suggestions to ensure that your bearded dragon stays happy and healthy. If you want to provide your bearded dragon with a nourishing and healthy treat, try guava!


Health Benefits of Guava for Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons need high amounts of Vitamin C and antioxidants to thrive. They can benefit from consuming guava fruit, which is a high-power source of nutrition. Guava fruit can also help your dragon digest more effectively and stay away from constipation.

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Because it’s less messy than the guava leaf, guava fruit is more popular than the leaf with most dragons owners. Because it tastes great, most dragons like to eat guava fruit!

Unfortunately, there are a few poisonous and toxic foods that can harm bearded dragons, so be sure to keep a close eye on the type of foods you provide.


Is this fruit Good for Bearded Dragons?

Giving your bearded dragon guava is a good idea because it is high in Vit C and other nutrients. However, they should not be fed too much of it because it can cause diarrheas in some cases.

Bearded dragons may eat the skin and flesh of guava. If your bearded dragon has diarrhoea after eating guava, you should stop feeding it to it and get in touch with a vet.


How Much Guava should you give to a Bearded Dragon?

Bearded dragons may eat guava, but they should only consume a small amount. Too much guava can cause digestive problems for bearded dragons, so check with your vet if you want to give your dragon guava as a treat. A slice or two of guava shouldn’t be fed to bearded dragons each week.


Risks of Feeding Guava to Bearded Dragons

There are risks associated with feeding guava to bearded dragons, particularly that guava may contain toxins. To avoid poisoning your bearded dragon, it is critical to only feed guava in moderation and to avoid feeding it any other fruits or vegetables that might contain toxins.

To make sure that the guava you offer to your bearded dragon is fresh and free of all pesticides and other toxins, it is critical to make sure that the guava is mature and free of these chemicals.

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Unripe guava might contain dangerous compounds that can be toxic to your bearded dragon, and pesticides and other harmful components can also be hazardous.

It is critical to be careful when feeding guava to your bearded dragon because it is critical to maintain a healthy weight and avoid other health issues.

Overall, while bearded dragons can eat guava, it is important to be careful when doing so and to make sure that your bearded dragon consumes this fruit in moderation.



Be careful when feeding your bearded dragon guava, as it is loaded with sugars. Bearded dragons prefer guava, but other fruits and vegetables are available for them to eat if they don’t like it.

When giving guava to your pet, make sure to wash the fruit thoroughly before offering it to your dragon. Always serve guava in small bits so your dragon can eat it without complication.

By following these guidelines, your dragon will be able to enjoy this sweet treat!