Can Beardies Eat Broccoli?

Can Beardies eat broccoli

Beardies are reptiles and omnivores. Therefore, beardies can eat broccoli. Generally, beardies require some percentage of insects, greens, vegetables, and fruits to supplement their dietary needs.

Most vegetables have nutrients and other essentials that play an essential role in your beardies diet.

Additionally, broccoli is a super veggie full of nutrients that both humans and the beardies need to thrive and grow.

However, feeding your beardies broccoli too frequently is not advisable since it contains deadly acid and minerals that may hurt your beardies when they are in large doses.

Therefore, you can feed your beardies broccoli at least once or twice a month for maximum and health of absorption of the nutrients in their bodies and their wellbeing.


Further, it is not advisable for you to feed baby beardies broccoli. When beardies are young, they require 80% of insects and 20% of plants to supplement their nutrient and vice versa when they are grown.

Broccoli is very nutritious, and young beardies do not require all the broccoli nutrients yet. It is pretty risky to feed baby beardies broccoli.


Nutritional benefits of feeding your beardies broccoli.


You can feed your beardies a little broccoli once or twice. With this bit of and the appropriate amount of broccoli, it will have multiple health benefits.

Here are the benefits of feeding beardies broccoli:


Vitamins A and C


This will help the beardies by strengthening their immune system, excellent vision, reproduction, and growth.

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Vitamin K


It is essential in supporting beardies’ bone health and in regulating blood clotting.




Broccoli contains potassium that will help your beardies regulate their blood pressure, aid in muscle function, prevent kidney-related issues, and lower water retention.




Broccoli is high in fiber contents that will aid the beardies in the digestion of exoskeletons and in preventing constipation.




The folate in broccoli will help the beardies in maintaining healthy cells and tissue.




This will ensure that the beardies blood is properly oxygenated.




This is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent that will help combat inflammation and boost the metabolism of the beardies.


High water content


Raw broccoli contains 90% of water, and this will keep your beardie hydrated.




Broccoli is rich in calcium. This mineral will help your beardies when it comes to their bone development and general wellness.


Low sugar


Broccoli contains low sugar content like most veggies. High sugar content will lead to the teeth of the beardie decaying, rotting, or even actual teeth loss. The low sugar content of broccoli will help in reducing the chances of your beardies becoming obese or having any tooth-related issues.


Reason for not feeding your beardies broccoli daily


Broccoli is rich in nutrients that are essential for the wellbeing of beardies.

However, it is not advisable for you to feed them broccoli regularly because of multiple reasons.

• Broccoli contains phosphorous. The ratio of calcium to phosphorous in broccoli is 1:1. When you feed your beardies broccoli daily, it may bind with calcium and prevent its absorption. This may lead to various health-related problems for your beardies, such as metabolic bone disease and kidney stones.

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• Broccoli also contains oxalic acid. Feeding your beardies broccoli regularly may lead to the oxalic acid binding with calcium and preventing the absorption of the mineral into their body. If calcium is not absorbed into your beardies body, it may lead to MBD, and they can suffer from kidney stones.


How to prepare broccoli for beardies


When you want to give your beardies broccoli to eat, you should ensure it is adequately prepared.


  • You need to check and ensure that the broccoli you want to feed your beardies is as organic and fresh as possible to prevent it from ingesting spoiled or rotten food.

    • Wash the broccoli thoroughly. This will help in getting rid of unnecessary compounds like insecticides, herbicides, and other preservatives that may be brought by packaging and handling.

    • Soak the broccoli in a bowl filled with cold water. This process will aid in getting rid of insects and dirt that was not removed from the standard washing. It will also help in softening the broccoli slightly.

    • Cut the broccoli into more manageable pieces. It would be best to feed your beardies the stem since it is quite hard to chew, and it may accidentally choke them.

    • Place the chopped broccoli pieces in your beardies’ food dish for them to eat.




  1. Can beardies eat broccoli stalks?


Beardies can eat broccoli stalks since they are nutritious, just like their leaves. You will have to cut the stalk into smaller portions or shred them after chopping to make the fine and give your beardies an easy time while swallowing.


  1. Can beardies eat cooked broccoli?


Cooking broccoli will lower its nutrient content. Additionally, beardies enjoy eating raw foods. Cooking broccoli may cause unpleasant reactions in your beardies, and since they have sensitive stomachs, they may not tolerate all foods. Feeding your beardies cooked broccoli may lead to diarrhea. Therefore, it is not advisable for you to feed your beardies cooked broccoli.


  1. Can beardies eat frozen broccoli?


When freezing the broccoli, it loses some of its essential nutrients, and this lowers its nutritional value. Beardies can eat frozen broccoli. However, it may not be as nutritious as fresh ones since it has lost some nutrients.


  1. How often can I feed my beardies broccoli?


Despite broccoli being full of nutrients, feeding it too much broccoli may be risky. This is because it contains phosphorous and oxalic acid that may inhibit the absorption of calcium in their bodies. You can feed your beardie broccoli once or twice a month.


  1. Can beardies eat broccoli sprouts?


Broccoli sprouts contain high quantities of oxalic acids and goitrogens, which are toxic to beardies. Therefore, you should not feed them broccoli sprouts.




It is true that you can feed your beardies broccoli. However, it would be best to feed them occasionally, i.e., once or twice a month and in limited amounts.

Additionally, you can feed them broccoli stalks and leaves since they are rich in nutrients such as vitamins, fiber, folate, manganese, potassium, iron, and many more essential in the wellbeing of the beardies.

It would be best not to feed your beardies cooked broccoli and broccoli sprouts because they are not suitable for them.