Can Bearded Dragon Eat Celery Tops?

can bearded dragons eat celery tops

Celery offers many health benefits in humans for treating constipation, reducing stress hormone levels, lowering cholesterol, and fighting inflammation.

Bearing that in mind, it is also good to introduce your beardy to various foods from time to time, but can Bearded Dragon eat Celery tops? Yes, Celery tops are safe for beardy but unfortunately, not regularly.


Why Celery Top is Safe for your Beardy


The fact that celery tops are safe for your beardy if you are a responsible beardy keeper, the nutrition value any food offers is vital for their health and growth.

Celery contains 95% water made of Oxalate, antioxidants, and flavonoids and a relatively high Calcium ratio to phosphorus of 1.6:1.

From celery, your beardy’s body will be well hydrated, while the antioxidants and flavonoids will help to reduce inflammation. In addition, Beardy requires a high amount of calcium to promote strong bone formation and muscle functioning.

Since the phosphorus ratio in Celery is low, it will not block Calcium absorption in the beardy’s bloodstream.


Why you should Avoid Serving your Beardy with Celery Tops Regularly


Celery Tops offer little benefits to your beardy’s health, especially if you intend to give it to a baby or juvenile beardy.

Secondly, bearded dragons have small stomachs, which is why every mouthful or meal should be highly nutritious to meet their demand.

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With only water and calcium being vital for your beardy, definitely, Celery Tops are not dense in nutrients.

Lastly, Celery has a high amount of oxalates which makes it not safe for their health.

When oxalate binds with calcium they form calcium oxalate stones which can result in kidney stones and prevents calcium absorption, thereby causing metabolic bone disease.


The right amount and How Often your Beardy should Eat Celery Tops


Since celery has oxalates which are bad for beardy’s health; therefore, you should be careful with the amount and how often you serve your beardy with celery.

We strongly recommend you use celery tops that are fresh and organic free from agro-chemicals.

Thoroughly wash the leaves and stalks before you finely chop into small leaves and cubes.

A leaf is enough once a week. If you intend to serve it with stalks, then make sure to chop a half portion of the leaf and a half portion of the stalk.

But it would be helpful to serve it as a salad mixed with a highly nutritious diet like protein, vegetables, and fruits.




Adhering to the information in this article will help you understand your beardy. It will shows you how unique they are from humans despite sharing a common vegetable diet.

Because whatever works with you is either not safe or compatible with your beardie’s health in the long run.

Therefore, avoid these common mistakes to take care of your beard as you love yourself.

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