Can Bearded Dragons Eat Spinach?

can bearded dragons eat spinach

Bearded dragons are reptiles. Just like most reptiles, bearded dragons are omnivores but with strict diets. Therefore, yes, bearded dragons can eat spinach.

Spinach is rich in fiber, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and many more benefits to bearded dragons. However, you should not feed your bearded dragons’ spinach frequently.

It would help if you gave your bearded friend spinach on rare occasions, like once or twice in a month or two.

This is because, despite spinach being rich in nutrients, it has high amounts of oxalates that may bind with calcium and prevent calcium’s absorption into the bearded dragon’s body.

Additionally, spinach has phosphorous, which may bind with calcium and prevent its absorption into your bearded friend’s body when taken in large quantities.


The Benefits of Feeding Bearded Dragons Spinach


Bearded dragons should be fed vegetables such as celery, fruits, and insects as part of balancing their diets. You should consult your vet first if your bearded friend has underlying health concerns before feeding them spinach.

Here are some of the benefits of feeding your bearded dragon spinach.


  • Low sugar, calories, and fat content


Multiple problems may occur when you feed your bearded dragon high sugar, calorie, and fat content food on a regular basis.

The issues include obesity, fatty liver disease, diabetes, and even heart failure.

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Spinach contains low to virtually zero sugar, calories, and fat content, making it a healthy option occasional salad for your beardie.

Additionally, spinach features high water content leading to low to zero sugar, calories, and fat. The high-water quantity of spinach is a good source for keeping your beardie hydrated.


  • Healthy calcium to phosphorous ratio


Spinach contains calcium, essential in the bearded dragon body since it is a crucial element for their bone and teeth strengthening and development.

The ratio of calcium to phosphorous is 1:1, which is relatively healthy.

A high phosphorous concentration may lead to it binding with calcium and inhibiting its absorption into your beardie’s body.

Without absorption of calcium, your bearded dragon may develop metabolic bone disease and even lead to their death.


  • Vitamins and minerals


Iron – it will aid in oxygen flow in the beardies body.

Folate – it will help in regulating the tissue growth and cell functions in the beardies body.

Fiber – helps in smoothening bout the digestion process.


A – it aids your bearded dragon in healthy vision, healthy immune system, support its growth and development, and even reduce the risks of various types of cancer.


B-6 – maintains your beardies’ weight, brain development and improve their immune system.


C – helps in the development, growth, and repairing of beardies body tissue. It also helps in the absorption of iron and maintenance of bones in the beardies body.


K1 – regulates blood clotting.


Potassium – will help in regulating your bearded dragon’s kidney functions, muscle activity, and fluid levels.

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Dangers of feeding bearded dragon too much spinach or frequently


Despite spinach being rich in nutrients and vitamins.

It contains certain elements that are not healthy for their body.

When there is a high concentration of these elements in the beardies body, calcium absorption will be inhibited.

Spinach contains oxalic acid and phosphorous that may bind with calcium and inhibit its absorption.

Lack of calcium may lead to Metabolic Bone Disease, which causes the bearded dragon’s bones to become weak, soft, and eventually deformed.

In some situations, it may lead to their death. Too much Vitamin A may also lead to hypervitaminosis in your beardies body.


How to Prepare Spinach for Bearded Dragons


The process of preparing and feeding your bearded dragon is relatively easy.

During purchase, ensure the spinach is organic.

Wash the spinach thoroughly to ensure any pesticides and dirt that may make their way into the beardies body is washed away.

To eliminate the choking possibility, chop the spinach leaves and place the chopped pieces into the dragon’s bowl. The spinach should be raw since it contains many nutrients.

You can add other veggies and fruit pieces, watch the chopped spinach, and then watch your bearded dragon enjoy its meal.




Bearded dragons can indeed eat spinach. Spinach contains multiple nutritional values and elements such as vitamins, calcium, and much more essential in your bearded dragon’s growth and health.

However, it would help if you considered feeding your bearded dragon spinach meal ones in every two months to avoid any health-related hazards that its contents may bring.

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With a correct diet, your bearded dragon will be healthy, and you will have an active company in your home.