What Do Bearded Dragons Hate?


Bearded dragons are generally considered to be docile and friendly pets. Additionally, bearded dragons can easily become comfortable with its surrounding and you as their owner. However, there are certain things that bearded dragons do not like around them or done to them. Here are The things that bearded dragons hate.   Things bearded dragons … Read more

Do Bearded Dragons Hibernate?


Bearded dragons are among the most adorable and common pets in most households. Like most lizards and reptiles, bearded dragons do not brumate but hibernate. The process of hibernation-like in reptiles in cold-blooded animals is called brumation. It is a period of dormancy they use to survive, especially during colder months for survival purposes. The … Read more

Can Bearded Dragons Get Covid-19?


The SARS-CoV-2 virus causes Covid-19. This virus causes illness in humans. Therefore, no, bearded dragons cannot get covid-9. Initially, people believed that covid-19 originated in a snake (many-branded krait (Bungarus multicinctus) or Chinese cobra (Naja atra)). However, this is very unlikely. Bearded dragons are reptiles, and it is highly unlikely that SARS-CoV-2 will be discovered … Read more

Why does my bearded dragon closes his eyes when I pet him?

Why does my bearded dragon closes his eyes when I pet him

  Your dearded dragons may close their eyes when you pet them because of multiple reasons. Indee, they may close their eyes when threatened by a challenging predator to avoid trouble in their natural habitat. Additionally, they may close their eyes as a sign that they do not want to engage. If the beardie is … Read more

Why do bearded dragons hate being upside down?

Why do bearded dragons hate being upside down

If you have ever tried to hold your bearded dragon upside down, you will notice she rolls back up-right in your hands. Meaning she neither likes the experience nor tolerates it. Reptiles lack a diaphragm, so when held upside down, their stomach/abdomen weigh down on the lungs making it uncomfortable and difficult to breathe. Therefore, … Read more

Why is my bearded dragon scratching at the glass?

Why is my bearded dragon scratching at the glass

Bearded dragons are amazing lizards and reptiles with unique behaviors such as head bobbing, waving and doing pushups. Not all the behaviors of your bearded dragon may indicate that they are happy. At times you may see them scratching at the glass. The scratching at the glass by the bearded dragon is known as glass … Read more

Why Is My Bearded Dragon Sleeping So Much?

why is my bearded dragon sleeping so much

Most bearded dragons are found in the Australian desert. In their natural habitat, bearded dragons like basking in the desert warmth. Therefore, bearded dragons are naturally used to variations in temperatures that originate from living in a wild desert. The sleeping patterns of bearded dragons can be influenced by lighting and heating. However, you may … Read more