What Do I Do With Bearded Dragon Eggs?


Bearded dragons Are becoming one of the most adorable pet-reptile in contemporary society. These beautiful reptiles Are currently kept by both experienced and beginner pet enthusiasts.

However, regardless of How many bearded friends you have in your home, if one of them is female, she will lay eggs, and you will one day discover Eggs in their enclosure.

After you have come across bearded dragon Eggs in the enclosure and confirmed that they have babies inside, they Are two choices on what to Do with them, and they include:

• Caring for them in the soil where they Are laid.

• Moving them to an incubator and waiting.

Both the options will work if you want the Eggs to hatch. However, placing them in an incubator will increase the hatch rate.


Caring for bearded dragons eggs in natural soil


After you have discovered bearded dragon Eggs in the soil, you will need to reduce mold and bacteria that may destroy the Eggs by cleaning your beardies bedding. Follow This by removing the female beardie next to the eggs.

This is because beardies Do not care for their eggs, and if you leave them with the eggs, they may even try to eat the offspring once they Are born. Additionally, you will have to keep the temperature around the eggs solid between 24°C and 29°C (80° and 85° Fahrenheit), and you Can use an under-the-tank heater or overhead lamp to attain this. The temperature will have to remain consistent during the entire incubation period.

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Further, you will have to get the humidity up to 75%, and you Can attain This by spraying the soil down often and using A hygrometer to track it.

You Are also advised against spraying down the Eggs directly when you want to get the correct humidity since it may aid the growth of mold on the eggs’ surfaces, which may lead to congenital disabilities or stillbirth.

Moreover, when watching the Eggs for molds, you Are advised to move them as little as possible. If the eggs Are fertile, it will take 40 to 90 days to hatch.


Incubation beardies eggs and waiting


You will not have to worry about the struggles with mold, humidity, and temperature with incubators. This is why most people prefer incubators when hatching beardie eggs. The biggest issue is the initial movement of the Eggs into the incubator.

However, you will still have A high hatch rate if you move slowly Without turning Eggs over. Additionally, after moving the Eggs in the incubators, you will have to set the correct temperature and relative humidity.

There Are all digital incubators that will track and adapt the entire process for you. There Are others that you will have more control over the temperature and humidity. After placing the Eggs into the incubator, it will also take between 40 to 90 days for hatching.




If you want them to hatch, you need to be very keen and careful with beardies eggs. You only need to handle the Eggs A little and get the correct temperature and humidity if you want the Eggs to hatch at A reasonable rate.

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