Why does my bearded dragon closes his eyes when I pet him?

Why does my bearded dragon closes his eyes when I pet him


Your dearded dragons may close their eyes when you pet them because of multiple reasons. Indee, they may close their eyes when threatened by a challenging predator to avoid trouble in their natural habitat.

Additionally, they may close their eyes as a sign that they do not want to engage. If the beardie is a male, they may close their eyes as a sign that they want to submit.

Bearded dragons may close their eyes also as a result of infection.

In this post, we will give you multiple reasons why your beardie may be closing his eyes.


Reasons why  Bearded Dragons may Their eyes

When being petted/stroked

You may be thinking that your bearded dragon is enjoying it as you pet him and he closes his eyes. Well, that is wrong.

Human beings close their eyes when they enjoy something as a sign of comfort.

However, humans also close their eyes when they are frightened. With beardies, they will close their eyes as a sign of discomfort when you pet them, and it is a sign that they want to be left alone.

If you are used to petting them, and you see them close their eyes, It is advisable that you leave them alone, give them space or time.


Note that if you continue petting or stroking them, their eyes may closed, followed by a black and puffed beard.

In that case, you should stop immediately since your bearded friend may be very stressed, and at this point, he may turn violent as he starts to defend himself.

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You may also be petting your bearded friend the wrong way when you see them close their eyes as you pet.


When being held


Just like petting, you may see your Bearded Dragon Closing their Eyes When you hold them. This is also not a sign of comfort, and they Do not enjoy It since It shows that they are stressed. Closing their Eyes is a sign that they cannot escape, and they are likely to be aggressive and even bite you. However, if you see them staying calm with their Eyes open as you hold them, It shows that they are comfortable, and you can continue.


When basking

It is normal for Bearded Dragons to Close their Eyes When basking since they feel relaxed. However, if you see that they keep Closing Their eyes, It is a sign of something wrong. It may be because the lighting equipment may be too Close to them or powerful, and this can damage Their eyesight; hence It is advisable that you move the light farther away from Their resting spot.


How to pet your bearded dragon

One of the best and easiest ways to establish a bond between you and your Bearded Dragon and to display love to them is by petting them.

However, the process of petting your beardie may not be easy, especially if you have not bonded or they are still new to your home and the environment.

• You will need to use slow and careful movements While stroking or petting your Bearded Dragon to avoid startling them.

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• It would be best if you approached your Bearded Dragon When they look relaxed and happy When you want to pet them. Approach your beardie and pick them from underneath, and you start petting or stroking them from head to tail.


i. Lower your hand slowly towards your Bearded friend. It would be best if you did this When they are not eating or hunting. Lowering your hands slowly is to avoid startling and threatening them.

ii. Please pick up your Bearded Dragon When they appear relaxed as you lower your hands. You should avoid holding or grabbing your Bearded Dragon by its legs or tail. While picking them from the enclosure, you should also ensure that you support Their body and tail weight.

iii. After picking them up, you should hold your Bearded Dragon Close to your body While resting Their tail on your forearm While you are gently petting them. This will make your beardie feel more secure and safer.

iv. You can let your Bearded friend walk from hand to hand as they move if they Do not want to sit calmly on your hand. This will allow them to stretch Their legs.

v. When you are done petting or stroking, you should release them back to the enclosure.


Why Does My Bearded Dragon Close One Eye?

You may see your Bearded Dragon Closing one eye. This may be a sign that they are suffering from parasites or health issues. Therefore, you should check if It is an infection or parasite and take the correct measures.

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Why Do Baby Bearded Dragons Close Their Eyes?

Your baby Bearded Dragon may also Close their Eyes because of the same reasons as Their adult counterparts, as stated above. Baby beardies like Closing their Eyes a lot. It would be best to try bonding with them first before you start petting them.



The idea of eye Closing is very common In most animals. It may be a display of comfort, security, and trust In other animals. However, the behavior is quite different in Bearded dragons.

Closing their Eyes When you pet them is a sign that they feel uncomfortable, threatened, or health issue or infection.

When you see that, you should stop petting them. Additionally, When you hold them after picking them from Their enclosure and see them calm with their Eyes open, you should go ahead and pet them since they feel comfortable and secure.

You can easily understand Why your Bearded friend closes their Eyes with the details above.

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