Can a Frog and a Bearded Dragon Live Together? (This is a bad idea!)


Are bearded dragons and frogs compatible as roommates? Can a frog and a bearded dragon live together? It is a critical question to answer here.

It may be happen that pet owners can keep both frogs and bearded dragons at home. But, you need to understand that bearded dragons will eat any frogs that are put in front of them and may become sick as a result.

Therefore, it is not a good idea to put frogs and bearded dragons together.



Keeping Different Herps And Reptiles In The Same Cage

It is very exciting to have a terrarium where different species co-exist, but one must always make sure that the environmental conditions are suitable for them. Unfortunately, this is not the case for a tree frog, and bearded dragons.

Because bearded dragons originate from desert areas in Australia, they require high heat and low humidity to survive. Tree frogs, on the other hand, need higher humidity and a cooler environment. Therefore  your frog would eventually be dehydrated if the temperature range were too high.

I don’t know what kind of beardie you have, so I can’t offer more specific advice. It would be safer to house your frogs and beardies in separate enclosures.

To be honest, I don’t recommend buying a brand new reptile and just placing it in an enclosure with other established residents. New herps should be quarantined to prevent the introduction of disease, and this is particularly important with reptiles.

During quarantine, new herps should be examined and tested by an experienced herp vet to ensure they are healthy. This way any necessary treatments can be administered during quarantine.

Which reptiles can you keep together?

Which reptiles you can keep together in a terrarium depends on various factors. For example, the type of terrarium is important.

Basically, it is best to always keep the same species together. There are exceptions here. Indeed, some reptile species see conspecifics as rivals and could behave aggressively towards their counterparts.

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Keeping reptiles together can be a bit more complicated than keeping common pets like dogs and cats together.


Terrarium Conditions

First of all, you have to know that not every reptile feels the same in every climate.

That is why you will find all terrarium types below:

Forest terrariums:  As the name suggests, this type of terrarium simulates a forest climate in which tarantulas and lizards feel particularly comfortable

Aqua-Terrariums:  Unlike an aquarium, the aquaterrarium is only partially filled with water . They are suitable for frogs, water-loving reptiles and amphibians

Rainforest Terrariums:  This location mimics the tropical climate found in rainforests , providing a home for tarantulas and geckos

Dry/desert terrariums:  Desert terrariums simulate drying tundras or the desert , so they are relatively warm and dry. Ground reptiles such as lizards and scorpions feel at home here


As you can see, for example, you cannot keep all tarantulas together, as there are some that prefer to live in tropical conditions.


Enclosures material

You should also think about the material of the terrarium, because there are differences for the respective purpose.

For example, you cannot use wooden terrariums for tropical terrariums unless you coat and seal it appropriately. The wood can start to mold if the humidity is too high.

Plastic terrariums are very strong and lightweight, but don’t look very attractive. Glass terrariums , on the other hand, retain heat less well, but are easy to clean and let in a lot of light.

The size of a terrarium also plays a role, because not only larger animals need more space. Especially if you are considering keeping several reptiles in one terrarium, you need to create a larger home for your animals, because limited space can also cause stress for your animals more often.


It is best to get advice from a specialist when making your decision, because this is the only way you can find the best home for your reptiles.


Now that you know how best to care for your pets, let’s talk about the pets themselves, as there are a few other things besides the right home that will influence your choice.


Which reptiles go together?

In addition to factors such as origin, you also have to deal with the individual characteristics of the animals . Because of course you can’t put a frog in a desert terrarium, but what about other aspects?

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One aspect is how the reptile feeds

Vegetarian reptiles are generally more varied in type than carnivores. This is because one more animal means more prey for the predator .

For this reason, keeping the same species together when they are predators can also be problematic because they could get into rivalries.

You should also pay attention to whether you have a calm or rather active animal .

It is also stressful to put nocturnal animals together with diurnal animals, as they disrupt each other’s sleep patterns.

So it’s best to make sure that the animals have roughly the same characteristics.

It can also make a difference which sexes are in the terrarium. Basically it is recommended to have more female reptiles in the terrarium, because males tend to rivalries and fights.


Stress susceptibility

If you decide to put animals from the same family together, you should also find out about the stress susceptibility of the respective species to other species.

Because even if we humans are very sociable creatures, this behavior cannot be transferred to every animal.

For example, you can usually keep turtles together without any problems, but it can be more difficult with geckos or chameleons. Above all, monitor lizards often react with behavioral disorders if they don’t get along with their conspecifics.

Basically, however, particularly exotic animals, which are taken out of their natural habitat, show the most behavioral disorders, because a small, cramped terrarium ultimately does not offer them exactly what they need.


In this section you will learn how to find out if your reptiles are feeling unwell or experiencing stress.


How does stress arise when I keep reptiles together?

Basically, you will definitely notice when your pets are stressed, especially if they are behaving differently than usual or exhibiting aggressive behavior.

Reasons for this could be suppression by conspecifics or more dominant animals , but also rivalry conflicts , because there is no clear distribution of territory due to an enclosure that is too small.

Reptiles are also extremely stressed when they are actually loners but are kept together with other animals. This can make them feel extremely threatened.

The gender distribution can also cause stress. This is usually due to too many males in the terrarium, because they tend to fight or compete with each other and sometimes oppress the female animals.

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A lack of retreat or hiding places also deprives your animals of the security they need to feel comfortable.

Furthermore, a lack of heat due to a lamp that is too weak can also lead to stress, because your reptiles are not able to regenerate.

These are some aspects that can cause extreme stress in your animals, so you should always pay attention and see how your animals are behaving.


Can a bearded dragon eat a frog?


Can bearded dragons be friends with other animals?

As mentioned earlier, bearded dragons are calm, docile, and friendly creatures. Most love to cuddle and spend time with their owners. And as one of the most easygoing reptiles, they are likely to get along with many other kinds of pets—as long as the other animals are well-behaved.


Will lizards eat frogs?

Lizards will eat frogs if they are small enough. The majority of all lizard species are either omnivorous or carnivorous and will feed on meat when they have the chance. Monitor Lizards, Bearded Dragons, and Chameleons are some examples of lizard species that will eat frogs if presented to them.


Can lizards and toads live together?

Assuming that space permits the establishment of a warm basking area (without over-heating the toads), you can also house a number of small reptiles with American toads. I have had kept them with 5-lined skinks, Italian wall lizards, green anoles, DeKay’s (brown) snakes, ring-necked snakes and smooth green snakes.


Will a bearded dragon eat a lizard?

Bearded dragons are omnivorous and will eat a mixture of both insects and vegetables. Some larger dragons will even eat pinky mice and baby lizards.


What other reptiles can live with dart frogs?

There is an opportunity for you to try a multi-species vivarium at home: mourning geckos and dart frogs are a tried-and-true pairing!



Finally, I very much hope that I was able to answer all your questions about which reptiles you can keep together. As you can see, it is not possible to say straight away which animals go together, as it depends on many factors.