Bearded Dragon or Gecko Which is Better?


Reptiles are becoming more and more popular as pets. Docile and easy to raise, they are original ways to have other forms of life at home. 

However, it can be difficult to choose between a bearded dragon and a leopard gecko, two relatively easy-to-care-for reptiles. 

It’s therefore not unsual for people to ask Bearded Dragon or Gecko Which is Better?

Discover here some good reasons to opt for one or the other of these adorable pet reptiles.


Introducing the Leopard Gecko


The leopard gecko is a very popular small reptile for domestic adoption. With its brown spots on its yellow skin, it is reminiscent of a leopard, hence its name. 

Docile and easy to handle, the leopard gecko is an animal that does well in its terrarium. 

Getting used to the presence of men very quickly, it is easy to get used to their presence.


A small domestic lizard, the leopard gecko measures between 15 and 20 cm when it is adult for males and a little more for females

Equipped with small claws at the end of its fingers, it is an animal that likes to climb. 

These are also useful to him for hunting, because he likes the small insects that he eats from them. 


Beautiful and inquisitive, the leopard gecko is one of the easiest reptile species to keep for captive breeding. A nocturnal animal, it comes out of its refuge from dusk to dawn. However, it can be seen during the day. 

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When properly cared for, this reptile can live between 15 and 20 years when in captivity.


The bearded dragon

Like the leopard gecko, the bearded dragon is also a lizard that can be bred in captivity. It is also called bearded dragon or even scientifically pogona vitticeps

Easy to maintain and very sociable with humans, it is one of the favorite reptiles for those who wish to keep them in their terrarium.


Brown in color, the bearded dragon is a lizard that was born. It can live between 6 and 10 years when in captivity and weigh up to 500 grams. 

The bearded dragon measures on average 50 cm including its tail which is half its size. It is a much larger species of lizard than the leopard gecko.


Moreover, if this lizard is called the bearded dragon, it is because it has scales on its neck that can take on the appearance of a beard when it swells them in case of danger.


Why choose a bearded dragon?


The bearded dragon is a beautiful pet that can bring life to a corner of your interior when it is installed in its terrarium. 

With his good climbing abilities and his incessant walks, he will offer you from time to time an admirable spectacle where you can admire him.


Easy to maintain, the Bearded dragon is a reptile that is mainly recommended for an introduction to terrarium. It does not require great arrangements for its breeding , especially in its diet or the maintenance of its living space. 


Much larger than a leopard gecko, the bearded dragon is a beautiful animal that you can bond with over time. 

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Very sociable, you can take it in your hand and even pet it, but be careful, it’s not a dog!


Also note that it is an animal that is relatively easy to feed. Thus, you can find insects for its food in a pet store or fresh vegetables (carrots, endives, salads, zucchini, etc.) in your kitchen. 

On this subject, do not hesitate to consult our guides on the bearded dragon diet.


Why choose the leopard gecko?


Although not as large as its cousin the bearded dragon, the leopard gecko is also a beautiful reptile that can be used as a pet. Docile and shy, he is easily manipulated. However, it should not be kept too much at the risk of stressing it.


A small reptile, the leopard gecko does not require great arrangements to live peacefully. 

You will therefore not need to take a large terrarium or invest a fortune in its diet. 


With small insects (mealworms, crickets, etc.) found in pet stores, you can easily feed it. 

In addition, the leopard gecko is not a big eater unlike the bearded dragon.


Moreover, the purchase of a leopard gecko is less expensive than that of a bearded dragon. 

The same is true for the accessories that will have to constitute its living environment, namely temperature regulator, bowl, etc. 


The leopard gecko is also an interesting reptile to try its hand at breeding. 

However, it will be necessary to go about it well, because certain living conditions are essential to him in these situations.


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