Can Bearded Dragons Eat Rose Petals?

can bearded dragons eat rose petals

Wondering whether bearded dragons can eat rose petals? Well, yes, they do eat rose petals as long as these petals are clean and free from pesticides, fertilizers, and parasites.

Unlike other greens, rose petals are not poisonous to bearded dragons.

However, the presence of parasites and chemicals in the rose petals can be dangerous and harmful to bearded dragons.

Nutritional benefits of rose petals

Rose petals are part of the rose flower or plant, commonly growing in Asia and other parts of Europe.

Because of their incredible features, rose flowers usually are associated with affection and love hence the high demand for them during Valentine’s Day.

Aside from the features that make it popular, there are also nutritional benefits a bearded dragon can get from consuming rose petals.

Studies show that rose petals contain about 95% water and a bit of vitamin C, A, iron, potassium, phosphorus, and calcium. These nutritional benefits are limited, but they still count. It also indicate that rose petals are not harmful.

Possible dangers associated with eating flowers

Rose petals sometimes can be dangerous for bearded dragons. The most common problem that might arise from feeding a bearded dragon rose petals is that some flowers might contain parasites or pesticides.

These chemicals control other harmful pests.

When they are available, they pose a danger to the health of the beardie. Only feed them the rose petals when you are sure that they are 100% clean.

Ensure that the rose petals are free of;

• Herbicides

• Fertilizers

• Pesticides

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How to feed bearded dragon rose petals

Now that you have seen the nutritional benefits of rose petals and some of the dangers associated with them, it is essential you understand how you can feed them to your bearded dragon.

Depending on the age, a different ratio is applied. For a juvenile usually eight months or below, you can give 30% of fruit and vegetable rose petals being among them.

Adults, on the other hand, are likely to consume 70% fruit or flowers. Regardless of age, always remember that you cannot feed the bearded dragon 100% rose petals.


To sum up, rose petals are not poisonous and do not contain any ingredient that can threaten a beardie. This means that you can feed them to your beardie dragon.

However, you will realize that most owners of bearded dragons do not recommend it.

This is because sometimes, the petals might have chemicals that can harm the dragons. But if you are sure that the rose petals are free from any chemical, you can comfortably feed them to your beardie.

Also, consider the age factor so that you know what ratio to give to the bearded dragon.

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