Can Bearded Dragons Eat Tangerines?

can bearded dragons eat tangerines

Tangerines are sweet citrus fruits but have you ever wondered whether your bearded dragon can eat them? No, these citrus fruits should be avoided.

This is because of their high sugar content and their acidity nature. The sugar and the citric acid can make the bearded dragon very sick.

Therefore, if you want to maintain your pet’s health, the key is to ensure that you feed it with a diet that is rich in vitamins and nutrients.


What makes tangerines bad for bearded dragons


If a bearded dragon accidentally bites the peel of the fruit, it will have no problem.

You need to ensure that this fruit is not part of their regular diet for the following reasons:

First, the acid in the fruit makes this difficult to be consumed. Also, Tangerines contain a lot of sugar which, when consumed, can lead to undesirable effects.

It’s worth noting that most bearded dragons suffer diarrhea and experience dehydration after eating tangerines.

Dehydration, in turn, leads to serious issues like gout, kidney diseases, and shedding. The sugar content can also cause tooth decay.

Generally, any citrus fruit is not an excellent addition to the bearded dragon’s diet. This include but not limited to mandarin orange, orange peel, orange juice and navel oranges.


What fruits are good for bearded dragons


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Bearded dragons can eat some fruits, and instead of harming themselves, they benefit from the nutrients from them.

However, these fruits need to be taken in a limited amount, usually a maximum of 20% in the diet. They include;

• Peaches

This fruit has to be taken in a small amount. It contains vitamin C, which helps in strengthening the growth and vision of the bearded dragon.

The fiber content makes the process of digestion easy.

• Strawberries

These are best served as occasional treats for the bearded dragon. Regardless of their sweet taste, the sugar content does not increase the blood sugar levels fast as with other fruits.

Give this fruit to the bearded dragon while still fresh and in bite-sized pieces to avoid choking.

Other fruits

Additional fruits include raspberries, grapes, watermelon, mango and apples.


Best foods for your bearded dragon pet

It is important to know what food to serve to your bearded dragons to ensure that they are healthy.

Maintaining a proper diet that supports a good ratio of phosphorus and calcium is essential because it provides healthy bone growth. Here are the best foods for the bearded dragon: insects and leaves.



A healthy bearded dragon is a happy one. As the bearded dragon owner, making a step to ensure that your pet feeds on a high nutrient diet is important.

Tangerines are not ideal for this pet because of the acid and the high sugar levels. Although it is a snack fruit and one can be tempted to share it with their pet, it is not recommended because of the side effects.

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