Are Bearded Dragons Color Blind?

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No bearded dragons are not color blind. This is because bearded dragons mainly rely on their eyes when they want to sense what is around them, and therefore, they have excellent vision with full color.

Additionally, bearded dragons have better vision in their eyes, and they can also see more colors than humans. Bearded dragons can see UV light which humans cannot see.

This is due to the fact that bearded dragons are tetra-chromatic, meaning they have four color receptors while humans have three. Because of the fourth cone or receptor, bearded dragons have the power to see UV light.

When you pay attention to your bearded dragons, you may see them attracted to lighter-colored objects because they see brighter than heavy and darker colors. Further, bearded dragons are always active during the day since their vision is not good in the dark because their pupils become inert.


What colors can bearded dragons see?

Beardies possess excellent color vision in both their eyes. Since bearded dragons are tetrachromatic, they can see more than all the colors humans can see. The only difficulty bearded dragons have is seeing oncoming objects since their eyes are placed off-center, unlike humans.


Color association

Bearded dragons may be attracted to certain colors because of: –

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  • Biology and environment. The colors that bearded dragons show are usually the colors that they are attracted to or have a stronger reaction to. Bearded dragons change color depending on the situation, so they are more likely to notice these tints, which might indicate a range of things. Their behavior is preprogrammed when bearded dragons perceive colors that match their genetic makeup. This is why bearded dragons may act differently around different objects because of their color. It could be a natural reaction depending on how they react to other dragons wearing similar colors.


  • Experiences and interactions. Despite the inherent tendencies of bearded dragons, many bearded dragon owners have had contrasting experiences with their pets’ color preferences. Some people like bright hues, such as red, but are irritated by others, such as yellow or orange. On the other hand, other dragons may react to these hues differently depending on their personal experiences.


What is the Value of a Bearded Dragon’s Sight?

Since bearded dragons can see more colors than humans, there are multiple reasons why their sight is essential to them. Some of the reasons include: –


  • Evading prey. This is essential since, in their natural habitat, it is survival for the fittest.
  • Finding direction
  • Detecting time
  • Finding prey.


How can you help your bearded dragon to have better color vision and see better?

Eyesight is quite essential to your bearded friend. You can help them maintain their excellent vision by providing them with a healthy diet. It would be best if you gave your bearded friend a diet that contains insects and vegetation rich in proteins and vitamins. Additionally, it is essential that you provide your bearded friend with calcium and vitamin supplements for excellent vision. Furthermore, proper lighting is also crucial.

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Bearded Dragons Change Colors of Different Body Parts

Beardies can change the colors of their body parts for various reasons, such as camouflage, temperature changes, and many more. for example


  • When interacting socially with other lizards, bearded dragons can change the color of their chest and beard. This color is usually a creamy tan or jet-black, which is why other bearded dragons may react to it instinctively.


  • Temperature changes cause them to change the color of their backs frequently. In warmer weather, their backs turn bright yellow, but they turn dark brown or black in chilly weather.


  • They will turn black when they are anxious or sickly. They will typically tint their beard black while puffing it.



Bearded dragons are not color blind. Beardies have excellent color vision than humans, and therefore they can see many colors beyond what that human eye can see.

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