How Do You Know If Your Bearded Dragon Is Happy?


Bearded dragons are adorable and friendly animals and pets. Like other pets, love and bonding are some of the key factors of owning them. Additionally, bearded dragons are quite tolerant to handling, and to some extent, they enjoy human interactions.

The ultimate goal of having a pet like a bearded dragon in your home is to entertain you and keep you away from any boredom, and for this to happen, your bearded friend should be active and happy. Multiple signs indicate that your bearded dragon is happy.


Signs that your bearded dragon is happy


  • When they lay on you or sit on your shoulder for a long time.


If your Beardie is content to lay on your chest, they are content with you. When beardies become used to their new owner, sleeping with or on them shows happiness and contentment. To take it a step further, a Bearded Dragon falling asleep on you when you stroke their head and lay with them is another excellent indicator of trust and comfort.


  • When your bearded friend is not running away from you


Generally, bearded dragons are prey animals and therefore naturally cautious. Suppose you see your bearded friend not running away from you but coming to you that is a sign of them being happy. You may see your bearded friend coming on the side of the tank closer to where you are. Should you see your bearded friend running, freezing, hissing, puffing, black coloration, or arm-waving each time to get closer to them or their tank, it may be a sign that they are not happy. Therefore, you may need to bond and train your beardie to be happy and comfortable being close to you.

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  • Being calm when you hold them


Squirming is one of the behaviors you will notice in your bearded friend each time you hold them, and they are not happy. This is a sign that they may be stressed or feel in danger. However, if you hold your bearded dragon and remain calm, they are happy and trust you.


Other signs that your beardie is happy include: –


  • Basking often• Licking the air • Press against you when you hold them

    • They do not show any sign of aggression


How To Make Bearded Dragons Happy?

If you want to make your bearded dragon happy, here are some of the things you should do and check: –


  • Explore with them each time you are around and free
  • Give them food from your hand
  • Bathe them
  • Please provide them with a proper diet


Commonly Misunderstood Beardie “Happy” Behaviors

There are certain behaviors that you may misunderstand. In humans, they may be a sign of happiness, but in beardies, they may be the opposite, and they include: –

  • Arm-waving. Your bearded dragon may do this as a sign of recognizing the presence of another beardie, a show of submission, or the females alerting the males that they are ready to mate. Therefore, you should not consider this a sign of your beardie being happy.


  • Eye-winking. This most occasion is a sign of your beardie having an eye infection.


  • Head bobbing. When you see this, then your beardie is communicating. That does not mean they are happy. This behavior could mean that your beardie is challenging another beardie, female or male ready to mate, or there is another beardie in their presence, and they are acknowledging it.



Beardies are adorable pets. The above sign of happiness is an indicator that your beardies are comfortable around you. You should also provide your beardie with a proper diet, comfortable habitat, and bond to make them happy.

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