Do Bearded Dragons Eat Everyday?

do bearded dragons eat everyday


There’s been much debate about the eating habits of bearded dragons. Some say that they don’t eat at regular times, and others say that they have a daily fixed schedule.

In the following article, we will answer the question “Do bearded dragons eat everyday?“. The short answer is Yes, beardies eat everyday.


Nutritional Information


Bearded dragons are animals that rely on their daily nutrients to survive. 

They have a system in their stomachs where they build food friction together. It expels as fiery gas. If dragons do not fuel up at least twice a day, this mechanism is rendered useless.

The bearded dragon will get grumpy as a result. Therefore, the bearded dragon needs his food to stay a playful pet full of spirit.


How to Feed Your Bearded Dragon its Meals


The bearded dragon is really grumpy in the mornings. The starter gas builds up in its intestines with a rumble. After this, it’s downhill if you don’t get that meal in front of it fast.

Try to make the bearded dragon breakfast before yours. It might be hard if you’re the type of person who is tempted to make your morning coffee before you speak.

Remember though, your dragon is uncomfortable so your own caffeine fix will have to wait. The bearded dragon will appreciate your solidarity with the cause. As a reward, your dragon will give you a big slurp with its tongue and then dig in.


The evening meal is a little bit more complicated. Your bearded dragon is tired, and it will be hard to convince it to eat. You will have to get favorites instead of just throwing together a meal quickly.

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Each dragon has a varied palette, so you will have to experiment a bit with the menu options. You will learn what the dragon likes. You will be able to see that the food is appreciated by the voracity with which the dragon scarfs it down.


Do Dragons Eat Less During COVID?


People have wondered if dragons eat less during covid because they are sensitive to  time. When your pet senses stress, it might regress into the eating habits it had as a baby dragon.

This is because the dragon knows that times of peril are upon it. 

The dragon is simply worried about taking up resources that are important for other members of the family.

As a parent to a dragon, you should always keep in mind that your beardie is sensitive.

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