Can Bearded Dragons Have Raspberries?

can bearded dragons have raspberries

Yes, you can have raspberries for your bearded dragons. It is, nevertheless, preferable if you feed them in moderation.

Raspberries and blueberries are often eaten whole by bearded dragons.

On the other hand, Blackberries are stiffer and can be more difficult for a beardie to mush up in their mouth.



Bearded dragons and raspberries

The bearded dragons are calm reptiles and very friendly at your home. They are harmless and easy to keep in captivity.

Your pet enjoys eating leafy vegetables and insects since they are omnivorous.

When you keep it at your home, it likes enjoying its meal in a shade or basking in the light. They can grow in length to about 20 inches.

They have spines on their body that run up to their tail. The chin on their skins flaps and scares away predators.


Raspberries have a sweet taste and are fantastic in smoothies and salads. When you give raspberries to your dragons, they eat them right up.

They have strong jaws that can crush raspberries. They also feed on leaves, flowers, and other types of fruits.



Are raspberries safe for bearded dragons?

You can feed your dragons with raspberries, but they are not safe, mainly if provided in large volumes.


Raspberries contain oxalates and oxalic acid that can have adverse health effects for bearded dragons.

Too many of these compounds cause metabolic bone illness that damages your bearded dragon’s bones.

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The metabolic bone illness causes paralysis, deformity, skinny limbs, and sometimes can be fatal.


Raspberries are rich in phosphorous and calcium. Because too much phosphorus stops calcium from entering your dragon’s bloodstream, metabolic bone disease develops.


Raspberries are also rich in sugar content. Sugars in small amounts are suitable for your bearded dragons.

High doses can be dangerous.

Too much sugar makes your beardies obese and develops fatty. They also build dehydration, diarrhea, and diabetes.



How to feed bearded dragons raspberries

All the time, you should feed your bearded dragons with fresh raspberries. Anything less than new will make the beardies sick.

If you had frozen your raspberries, first thaw them before feeding them to your beardies. Frozen raspberries tend to be mushy, which is not suitable for your dragons


Proper hygiene is also essential. Wash raspberries thoroughly and remove any vegetative growth like leaves and stems.

Feed the raspberries in whole or in a salad, and make sure you don’t hand feed them as you can be bitten.

After feeding, remove the leftovers so that they don’t rot in your beardies terrarium.




You can feed your beautiful dragons with raspberries from the above discussion. However, it should be done in moderation.

Pet health experts recommend 2 to 3 raspberries every month. Raspberries are rich in oxalates, phosphorous, and sugars.

An excess of these substances causes metabolic bone disorders. Before feeding your dragons strawberries, make sure you have good hygiene.


Bearded Dragons are omnivores, meaning they may consume various insects, fruits, and vegetables.

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As anybody who has watched one chase a cricket knows, they require a varied diet, and the abundance of delicious possibilities makes them a fun reptile to feed.

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