Can Bearded Dragons Eat Fireflies? (The Risks!)


So can bearded dragons eat fireflies? No bearded dragons cannot eat fireflies. Indeed, fireflies also known as lighting bugs are highly toxic for your beardie.

If your bearded dragon eats even one firefly by mistake, you need to contact a vet as soon as possible.


Are fireflies toxic to lizards?

According to the ASPC Animal Poison Control Center [1], fireflies which go by the scientific name of Photinus sp. are highly toxic to lizards.
Indeed, it takes half of a firefly to kill a full-grown bearded dragon. The main toxins in lighting bugs are called lucibufagins [2].
You should avoid feeding fireflies to your lizard at all costs.


What happens if a bearded dragon eats a fly?

When you beardie eats a firefly by accident or intentionally, it will head shake and vomit.
This will progress to difficulty in breathing and eventually death. The first signs of poisoning will appear within 15 minutes to 2 hours after exposure, according to

If you suspect that you pet has ingested a firefly, contact a vet immediately for help.



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