Can Bearded Dragons Eat Nightcrawlers?

can bearded dragons eat nightcrawlers

Can bearded dragons eat nightcrawlers? Yes, the nightcrawlers are rich sources of protein that are essential for bearded dragons.

The dragons should eat the nightcrawlers in moderation for them to achieve the best growth rate. The type of nightcrawlers you feed to the bearded dragons matter.

Avoid feeding the dragons nightcrawlers that are baited because they can contain parasites. Store-bought nightcrawlers are the best to feed the bearded dragon because they are free from parasites that can cause havoc to the dragon.

If you love the bearded dragon, it is necessary to ensure the bearded dragons are safe from any contamination that can lead to illnesses.


What is the protein content of nightcrawlers?


If you have young bearded dragons, you will be doing the right thing by feeding them the nightcrawlers.

The nightcrawlers have about 70% of their body weight in proteins. The dragons will get enough proteins that will make them grow fast.

They are the perfect food for young bearded dragons that you would like to keep growing fast.

The high protein content offers the perfect protein level for the bearded dragons to grow if they are still juvenile.


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It helps the bearded dragons stay hydrated


Feeding the bearded dragons with the nightcrawlers will keep then stay hydrated. The nightcrawlers have about 10% of their body weight in the form of water.

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The bearded dragons should stay hydrated for them to enjoy good health. Having nightcrawlers as part of their diet is necessary because they will keep the pets hydrated.

The bearded dragons should stay hydrated for them to enjoy good health. It can be hard to give them enough water, but getting the nightcrawlers as part of their diet will contribute to keeping the bearded dragons hydrated.

It is recommended to feed adult bearded dragons about 30 nightcrawlers each week.


Quality of nightcrawlers to feed the bearded dragons


The nightcrawlers should be of the highest quality. If you decide to rise the nightcrawlers to feed your bearded dragons, then ensure they are free from parasites.

Feeding your bearded dragon nightcrawlers that may have been contaminated will lead to side effects.

The bearded dragons may become sick, and it will not be a good show if you love the bearded dragons. Feed them in moderation. Too many nightcrawlers can lead to excess proteins that can affect the health of your bearded dragons.



When feeding nightcrawlers to bearded dragons, it is essential to ensure the nightcrawlers are free from contamination and are fed in moderation.

Your bearded dragon will eat other insects such as locusts and nectar. Having a balanced diet is essential to keeping the bearded dragon healthy.

Avoid sticking to one type of food, such as proteins alone, because they can lead to different side effects.