Can Bearded Dragons Eat Feeder Fish?

can bearded dragons eat feeder fish

No, the bearded dragons should not eat feeder fish since it is harmful to their health.

It is not advisable to feed them fish, mainly because they might have some parasites and bacteria that can lead to the dragon getting sick.

However, they can also feed on the feeder fish under rare circumstances, but it is still not recommended.


Reasons why you should not feed the bearded dragon with feeder fish


– Intoxication with the enzyme thiaminase


The enzyme is produced by some fish, such as a goldfish, which is very dangerous to the dragon.

The enzyme tends to block the absorption of thiamine which kills vitamin B1.

The vitamin is essential in that it provides energy to the dragon and lack of the vitamin leads to the pet becoming ill.


– Bacteria and parasites.


Fish can have parasites that are harmful to your beardies.

Examples of such parasites include roundworms, tapeworms, and Strongyloides.

It is usually difficult to eliminate such pathogens which could make your dragon very sick.

Even though feeder fish is made for feeding lizards and snakes, bearded dragons are not examples of these lizards.

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– Meat is not safe for consumption by bearded dragons.


The pink mouse without fur is recommended to be fed to the dragons, though on a monthly basis.

In other words, no meat is safe for consumption by bearded dragons.

The reason being is that meat consumed by human beings contains high amounts of phosphorus and calcium.


The high ratio of phosphorus to calcium will alter the absorption of calcium which in turn leads to metabolic bone disease.


You can feed the dragons with live feeder insects which are a source of proteins.

If you feed your pet with insects such as crickets and then balance it with some vegetables such as cabbage and fruits, it will ensure good health and longevity.


What are the foods that bearded dragons should avoid?


We are concerned about the well being of your pet and the list below contains foods that the bearded dragon should not feed on:


– Chocolates:

Chocolate contains theobromine, which has proven to be poisonous to many pets. Its consumption leads to heart failure and eventually death.


– Dairy products:

Bearded dragons are unable to digest dairy products. They include milk, ice cream, cheese, and butter. This is because they do not have the enzymes to process milk products in their digestive system, since they are nonmammals.


– Bread and baked products:

A baked product such as bread tends to expand in the pet’s stomach which leads to some digestion issues.


– High salt and high-fat foods:

The bearded dragons usually don’t feed on starch.

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– Cereals:

Cereals such as oats are an example of foods with a lot of starch and they should not be fed to these pets.




In simple words, it is evident that bearded dragons should not be fed on feeder fish. They also can’t enjoy meat eaten by humans, this is due to the many complications brought about by such consumption.


Feeding them with occasional fruits, some vegetables, and feeder insects for bearded dragons is a great way to maintain and ensure the good health of your pets.