Are Oranges Good for Bearded Dragons?

Are-Oranges-Good-for-Bearded -Dragons

Are oranges good for bearded dragons? The answer is yes and no. If you read on, you will understand why and what type of oranges are best to feed your pet with. Bearded dragons are fruit-loving lizards that love different types of fruits.

Your dragon will be happy to see an orange or any other kind of fruit in front of him.

However, there are some things that you should know before offering him any fruit – whether it’s an orange or another type of fruit – as his regular diet.


What You Should Know Before Feeding Any Fruit to Your Dragon

As you may already know, in the wild, dragons eat a very varied and healthy diet.

They eat insects such as crickets, worms, moths, and more.

They also use plants and flowers to help them fight infections, parasites and maintain their health.

What that means is that dragons in the wild get everything they need to be healthy through their diet.

So, when you feed your pet dragon with a regular diet of fruits, you are basically substituting a proper diet with fruits and vitamins.

So, when you feed your dragon with any type of fruit, you should know what the lizard can’t get from it, and why it’s not good to give your pet a regular diet of fruits. This will help you keep your dragon healthy and happy.

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Oranges for Bearded Dragons – The Good and the Bad

Oranges are among the most common fruits people feed to their bearded dragons.

They’re very nutritious and packed with lots of vitamins, which makes them a good snack for your pet.

They are also full of carbohydrates and sugar so that your dragon gets energy from them.

Oranges have a lot of good stuff. But, they also have a few things that aren’t so good.

One of them is the amount of sugar in oranges.

Bearded dragons are prone to obesity, and oranges are very sugary, so they aren’t a good choice.

The other thing is that oranges aren’t very high in protein.

These are some of the reasons why oranges aren’t a good choice when it comes to feeding your dragon.

If you decide to give your dragon oranges occasionally, try cutting them into smaller pieces so they’re easier to digest.


Can my bearded dragon have an orange?

If you decide to feed your dragon oranges, there are some things you should keep in mind.

Oranges are acidic, so they shouldn’t be given to your pet too often. Feeding your dragon oranges on a regular basis is not a good idea.

Oranges are also very sugary, which is not good for your pet.

So, it’s best to feed your dragon with oranges only occasionally.

It’s best to avoid feeding your dragon oranges when it’s going through a shed.

If your dragon has recently molted or is going to molt soon, it’s best not to feed it oranges.

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The skin of the reptile is very sensitive during this time and oranges can cause irritation and swelling.


What is the healthiest fruit for bearded dragons?

When it comes to feeding your dragon with fruits, it’s best to choose fruits that are high in fiber, calcium, and protein.

The best fruits for your bearded dragon are apples and pears. They are low in sugar and have lots of fiber, calcium, and protein.

Papaya is also a very good choice as it’s high in fiber, protein, and vitamins.

Bananas are also a good choice as they are full of vitamins and are easy to digest.

Raspberries and Blueberries are also very good as they’re high in fiber and calcium.


In Summary

Oranges are very nutritious and loaded with vitamins and minerals, making them a great snack for your bearded dragon .

However, they aren’t the best choice for a regular diet for your pet. You should only give your dragon oranges occasionally.

Oranges are extremely acidic, so it’s not a good idea to feed your reptile them on a regular basis because it can cause damage to its digestive tract.

You should also keep in mind that your bearded dragon can’t get all the nutrients from oranges on its own, so feeding it oranges regularly won’t help it to stay healthy and strong as it needs more than just fruits to be in good shape.