Can Beardies Eat Carrots?

Can Beardies eat carrots

Beardies are omnivores, and therefore you will need to feed them a variety of insects, fruits, greens and vegetables to supplement their diet.

Beardies can eat carrots as part of the veggies in their diets. Feeding your beardies carrots is a great option to boost their immune system and promote their good vision.

Your beardies should be typically eating 80% of plants and 20% of insects in their regular diet. Additionally, when they are still babies, you should give them 80% insects and 20% plants.

Whether your beardies are still babies or grown, carrots are an excellent option to have in their diets.

Despite carrots being a great source of nutrition and vitamins for beardies, you should never feed them daily or regularly. It would be best if you fed them carrots at least once or twice a week.

This is because feeding your beardies carrots all the time can cause Vitamin A toxicity. Vitamin A toxicity in your beardies can lead to multiple dangerous health problems such as dehydration, lack of appetite, weight loss, and even decreased energy.


Nutritional Value


Carrots are packed with nutrients that will benefit your beardies when you feed them.

Despite being recommended that you feed them carrots at most twice a week, they have nutritional value to the beardies. Here are the benefits of feeding your beardies carrots.




Beardies are living creatures, and they need a healthy lifestyle for them to be active and stay longer. Vitamins in one of the ways that will ensure your beardies maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Carrots are a good source of vitamin A and beta-carotene that is quite essential to beardies. The beta-carotene in the carrots is always converted into vitamin A.

The vitamin A and beta-carotene in the carrots will help in promoting healthy skin for the beardies, promote a healthy immune system and improve their eye health for a good vision.


Low sugar


High sugars are always dangerous to the health of most living creatures.

Feeding your beardies high sugar content foods may destroy their teeth by having tooth decay, rotting teeth or actual teeth loss and even making them obese when they are adults.

Carrots have low sugars. Therefore, feeding your beardies carrots will reduce the chances of them having any tooth related problems.




Fibers are essential to beardies since they help in promoting a healthy digestive system and weight by aiding in the digestion of exoskeletons.

Carrots have high fiber contents that will help your beardies in improving their digestion and prevention of constipation.


Calcium and phosphorous


Carrots are rich in minerals such as calcium and phosphorous. The calcium in the carrots will help your beardies in the development of their bones and general wellness.

The phosphorous will bind with calcium and prevent it from entering your beardies bloodstream.


Health Risks of Carrots for Beardies


Carrots are rich in nutrients. However, it is not advisable to feed your beardies carrots daily since doing so will incur severe health risks to them.

Here are the possible health risks for your beardies if you feed them carrots daily.


  • Carrots are rich in vitamin A and feeding them too much may lead to vitamin A toxicity. When your beardies have vitamin A toxicity, they may have issues such as loss of appetite, weight loss, decreased energy and dehydration.• Carrots also contain a high quantity of oxalic acid. Feeding your beardies carrots daily may lead to the oxalates or the oxalic acid to bind with minerals like calcium in your beardies body and prevent it from being absorbed, and this may lead to your beardies suffering from hypercalcemia or calcium deficiency. If you continue feeding them carrots regularly, it may deplete calcium supply in your beardies body and lead to metabolic bone disease.• Carrots have low calcium to phosphorous ratio of about 0.6:1. Daily carrot feeding of your beardies may lead to phosphorous binding with calcium, blocking its absorption and cause a range of health-related issues such as kidney stones and metabolic bone disease.

    • There are high levels of tannins in carrots. Feeding your beardies carrots daily may lead to the tannins binding with proteins and preventing the proteins from being absorbed. This may lead to interference with enzymes in the digestive tract and make it impossible for your beardies to absorb iron and vitamin B6.


How to serve carrots to your beardies


Beardies can eat both raw and cooked carrots. However, when you cook the carrots, they lose some nutritional value; therefore, you should feed them raw.

Additionally, it is vital to prepare the carrots for your beardies properly to prevent any health-related complications.


  • Check if the carrots are healthy.• Wash the carrot thoroughly, and then scrub it with a clean vegetable brush and water. This will help in getting rid of dirt, pesticides and herbicides on the skin of the carrots that may cause health problems to the beardies.• Use a cheese grater to break down the carrot into very thin slices for your beardies. Chopping or slicing the carrot may cause a choking hazard to the beardie, and therefore you should use a cheese grater.


  • Serve the very thin carrot slices to your beardie alone or with a salad.



Generally, beardies are excellent pets to have in your home. They are fun-loving, playful and very active.

When you have them in your home, you can easily interact with them and play around with them, and therefore they will keep you occupied.

Additionally, carrots are essential to the beardies if you feed them as recommended.

Feeding them carrots at most once or twice a week will help in supplementing their dietary needs and even help them in multiple ways.

Feeding your beardies carrots in small quantities is healthy and remember that too much of one food is very unhealthy to the beardies.

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